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 Season 1, Chapter 5: Lucifer's Mother

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#1PostSubject: Season 1, Chapter 5: Lucifer's Mother   Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:58 am

Season One
Chapter 5: Lucifer's Mother

While Lucifer walked back to the kingdom which is a good days walk on foot, Aglaros had got a surprise visit from someone of great importance. This had happened when Azaro was on a mission of some sort so both Lucifer and Azaro didn't see her at all. She walked into the cave nude as if some one stripped her of her clothes and robbed her of everything she had. Actually, it wasn't the case she had fought against Kyrokians that ripped her clothes enough to the point where she saw no point in wearing them at all. She fought them because they were in her way of getting to the cave where Aglaros is. For some odd reason she had a message to give Aglaros to then give to Lucifer. She didn't want to tell him herself because of how bent up the family drama is lately and telling him face to face might make things even worst then it is. 

As she walked in calmly she wasn't recognized by Aglaros right off the bat and was then chained to the ground because he didn't know if she was up to no good or not. Aglaros knew deep down that in this forest of Lucian you can never be more safer then sorry. She had talked to Aglaros for a bit trying to explain herself and why she came so far to tell him that. He listened to her explanation that took a couple of minutes until he finally realized who this woman actually was. Once he found out her true identity he had unchained her from the ground and let her roam freely in the cave. She wasn't in the mood to check around though, she had seemed a bit in a rush. She explained that her name is Lucia who is Lucifer's biological mother. Aglaros was shocked to hear that because so much rumors have been going around about his family and this is the first time he got to meet any of his family members. Azaro was actually the closest friend to being considered family to Lucifer. 

Aglaros had asked so many questions in the time of talking to her while she was in the cave. However, time was of the essence so she got to the main point. Lucia had just given him the message to tell Lucifer in case he see's him again which is probably soon considering how close those two are. She said that she had to get back to her home land so after telling the message she quickly started to walk back to her village. Aglaros had watched her calmly as she walks out of the cave in a timely manner. Aglaros then breathes out air from his nostrils and sighs as he waits for Azaro and Lucifer to get back so he can deliver the message. As Lucifer starts getting closer to the kingdom, he senses that Aglaros want's him at the cave so he turns the other direction towards the forest and heads that way instead. He approaches the cave but by the time he got there Lucia was already gone and never to be seen in a long time. 

He enter's the cave where Aglaros is at and looks up at him thinking he's needed for something. Aglaros looks down at Lucifer giving him the message Lucia wanted to tell him. Lucifer then sighs deeply and sits on a rock nearby Aglaros and wanders why she would say that. He explained to Aglaros that he wanted this message to be secret for them to only know and not Azaro or anyone else. Lucifer feared that if word broke out, every single person Lucifer has ever met would try and kill him. He knew deep down in his heart that he wouldn't be able to take on 1 Billion Lucian beings so he definitely didn't want that to happen. Lucifer then thinks that Lucia is blackmailing his from a far for a strong reason, a reason that his mother and father won't tell him. He looks at Aglaros worried that his mother is secretly up to no good now that she's doing this type of stuff to him. Aglaros informs Lucifer that she's around this area right now so he quickly dashes out of the cave to go find her before she's leaves unseen for the second time. 

{There will be several NPC's within the chapters that are just sideline characters which are kill-able for lore sake}
{Aglaros is in his second form in this picture which is a cloak for a good doer dragon rather then a demon to not be hunted down by any hunters/bounty hunters}
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Season 1, Chapter 5: Lucifer's Mother

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