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 Rise of The Necronis Stratocracy

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Faction#1PostSubject: Rise of The Necronis Stratocracy   Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:16 pm

Mortimus Vrax gingerly pulled a lever on a console in the cockpit of his ship; 'Valkyrie'. The ship descended through a thick, dark, cloud layer before emerging above a dead forest. Necronis, once a vibrant and Earth-like planet, colonised by mankind. Now a place of rotting woodland, poisonous bogs, empty cities and vein- like trenches that cover the planets surface. No life grew here anymore and never will thanks to the corruption released by the demons during their great crusade. The only 'living' beings on the planet were the Nekrax. Once human, cursed by the corruption to live in frail undead forms, all that remained of the brave defenders of Necronis.

It had been a long time since Mortimus had seen his home planet. The place where he fought against the demons along with his brothers in arms. All dead now. When the demon crusade was finally defeated, all the remaining demons on Necronis fled, leaving the dead planet and the dead people alone, now free. Mortimus had got a message, summoning him back to Necronis to an important meeting. His ship sailed over the forest. In the distance, on a hill within the forest sat a huge city. Skolvard. Walls at least 60ft high surrounded it and ancient AA guns mounted the walls. They tracked Mortimus' ship as he approached and a voice cracked on the intercom.
"Mister Vrax, your are clear to land. Head to docking bay 4B then report immediately to the Command Centre."
Mortimus nodded and muttered as he headed in the direction of the old, space port.

Dust bellowed around the bay as the Valkyrie landed. Piles of rubble from the old war were still scattered around the dark bay. Mortimus left his ship and walked out the bay, striding down a long corridor. Ancient skeletons lay where they had fallen. Forgotten or was it just to much hassle to bury them now? He made his way across a large courtyard where a tank lay on its roof, huge holes blown into its sides. On the far side was a large building made of concrete and steel. Mortimus approached the doors and entered. There was no light inside as he made his way down a set of stairs and another long corridor to a large vault door. He knocked and it swung open, pulled by a man wearing a battered and tatty set of military armour. This figure's face was dry and withered and it looked like his jaw had come loose as it hung limply. Mortimus nodded and walked inside. In the centre of a large room was a table illuminated with a single, flickering bulb. Sat around it were a number of people, all dressed in similar military uniforms and all in various states of decay.

Pulling out a rotting wooden chair, Mortimus sat at the table and looked over the group. One, a man with only one eye and most of the flesh missing from his face spoke up.
"For over a hundred years we have lived under the heel of the demon crusade. They hunted us and toyed with us for centuries. Now they are gone, fled back to the dark holes from which they came. We have no knowledge of how or who drove them off but they have freed us in the process. Now, with this new freedom, we must decide our place in the galaxy."
"Indeed." said another figure on the table. A woman with a fairly normal face yet her hand, which was resting on the table, was only bone and clicked on the wood as she rolled her fingers. "We must decide what we are to do. Already a few of our number, including Mr Vrax here, have made our existence known to the people of the galaxy. Perhaps it is time to re-join the human empire." Mortimus coughed and shook his head.
"I do not believe that would be a good idea. While it is true that we are now known to the universe, we are also too different to be recognised as the humans we were. We are now the Nekrax. Anyway, I do not think it wise for us to start expanding our horizons just yet. A new threat has risen. Not far from here , to the North West of our position is a new growing empire, some believe it to be the remnants the demon crusade while others say it is a new demonic force. Either way we are at risk. I propose we form a new identity for ourselves." The figures round the table nodded in agreement and the man with one eye stood up.
"Very well, if it is the will of the counsel then it shall be so. Let it be known across the galaxy that a new force has arisen. One of ancient history and tragedy. One that is kind to its friends and ruthless to its enemies. One that will hold its ground against any threat. Let it be known that The Necronis Stratocracy has risen from the ashes of the old human empire!" A cheer rose from the other members around the table. It was a ghastly sound of air being forced through ruined voice boxes and rotten flesh. A terrifying sound that echoed up to the surface through speakers that had rattled to life and relayed the conversation to the rest of the Nekrax of Skolvard. They all joined in the cheer, a horde of undead voices calling to the dead sky and the universe beyond.
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Rise of The Necronis Stratocracy

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