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 Season 1, Chapter 4: Kidnapped

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#1PostSubject: Season 1, Chapter 4: Kidnapped   Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:04 pm

Season One
Chapter 4: Kidnapped

Lucifer was kidnapped by two demon henchmen in the village where he found the blacksmith Araino at. He was taken to a dungeon and once someone took off the cover over his head he saw a Demon Lord named Jaso. They recognized each other as Lucifer was then kneeling down on the ground held by two of the demons that work for Jaso. Jaso had approached him and looked down at him. He had said "You weak scum. I can't believe you betrayed you're own kind...For that action Lucifer, you're going to have to pay the consequences." as he starts to laugh manically. Lucifer grinned while he was too busy laughing and knocked back one of the demons that were holding him with his elbow. He then punched the other one in the face with the released arm having that demon fly back hitting the wall. Jaso had noticed he escaped from their grip and hissed with his sharp teeth showing. 

Lucifer reached out for his sword within his left palm pulling it out to use it for combat. He then slashed his sword at the demon cutting its arms off and then it dies along with the other henchman demon. Lucifer looks towards at Jaso with no fear at all in his eyes. A faint red glow starts to form around Lucifer's body as he starts to fight. Jaso quickly punches at Lucifer but misses and Lucifer kicks Jaso in the stomach then shooting a fire ball blast strongly to his stomach while he bent over towards him. The fire ball blast knocked him back having him hit the other wall behind him as his clothing and skin were burnt a bit. Lucifer looks at Jaso as he gets back up from the impact to the wall with some scratches. 

Jaso gets annoyed knowing that Lucifer is genetically stronger then him so that motivates his anger against him. Jaso then uses a demonic magical move and breathes out fire towards Lucifer's direction. However, that didn't seem to affect him at all as he walked right through the flames without a single mark. Lucifer smirks as he did so and walked towards Jaso as he was cornered against the wall. Jaso was shocked that he wasn't affected by fire even in the living realm and awaited his next move. Tons of more demon henchmen started to come towards all of the commotion into that area where they fought. Lucifer once close enough then put the sword right in front of Jaso's face having the tip of the blade almost touch his forehead. Lucifer says "Do you fear me now?" as his body glows red and flames were clear as day in his pupils. Jaso replies with "No..Never!" as he hissed towards him and then suddenly Lucifer slices Jaso's head off within a blink of an eye. His head then falls to the floor anti-climatically as his body did as well after the body separation. 

Lucifer looks at his body as it falls down to the floor and then notices Jaso's name in the air along with a purple mist going onto the blade being imprinted giving it more power. Once that was done Lucifer looks towards the direction where he came from and noticed tons of henchmen coming inside. He knew right away that he was going to have to deal with all of them. Lucifer then transformed to his devil form and shot a tiny fire ball that secretly had massive power within it straight at the group of demons in his way. He smirks as it was going towards them as they started to run at him with full force. Once the fire ball hit one of the demons in the stomach it pushes them all back towards the wall with great force and power. It was a massive explosion that had occurred on their side of the building which caused the building to fall apart. Lucifer created a good size of a hole within the explosion and walked outside of the building noticing he had killed all of them with that single shot. He knew he had to get back to The Lucian Kingdom soon to get an advantage over the other alive Demon Lords who may be after him. 

{There will be several NPC's within the chapters that are just sideline characters which are kill-able for lore sake}

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Season 1, Chapter 4: Kidnapped

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