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 Season 1, Chapter 2: Lorgos

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#1PostSubject: Season 1, Chapter 2: Lorgos    Mon Mar 20, 2017 6:35 am

Season One
Chapter 2: Lorgos 

Lucifer looks at Lorgos while grinning he says "No need for Lord's of Hell anymore." as he walks then start to run at him with his sword at his side. Lorgos stops in his tracks and awaits Lucifer's attack as the air gets suddenly tense and momentum builds up. Lucifer runs at him then jumps high into the air slashing the Soul Eater strongly at Lorgos. Lorgos then blocks the attack with his katana but the impact of the strong attack made a clashing sound and had Lorgos get pushed back a bit. Lucifer then realizes this won't be easy as killing a regular human so he slashes his sword back and forth at Lorgos hoping to land a hit. Lorgos quickly dodges every single of Lucifer's attacks as he analyzes his fighting style. Lucifer doesn't give up with the attacks but then Lorgos blocks the sword with his armor plating on his arm. 

Lucifer get's shocked that Lorgos is this good at fighting others so he doesn't back down at all. Lucifer's sword clashes with his arm and Lorgos then gripped onto Lucifer's neck putting him into the air a bit. Lucifer gets grabbed and was not in a good position so he turned himself into the devil, having his eyes glow red and get inflamed as his skin turns red while he gets horns. After the transformation, he turns his body into flames which burn Lorgos' arm and hand a bit so he let go of Lucifer. Lucifer then gets dropped down from his control and grins saying "This is your end." as he uses a demonic power to put a magical mist around the Soul Eater which made it more durable, less heavier and stronger. He then looks back at Lorgos who did a defending strike pose with his katana. Lucifer strikes at Lorgos another time hitting their blades together as they fight in the open field while a thunder storm begins to form because of the massive power being used at the time between two Lord of Hell's fighting. Lorgos tries to keep up with Lucifer defending himself as he blocks the attacks to his best ability. 

Lucifer then does a strong slash with the Soul Eater against Lorgos' katana causing it to fly out of his hands. Lorgos was shocked about that happening and then looks at Lucifer. Lucifer didn't think any of it and quickly kicked Lorgos in the stomach making him go flying into the air backwards eventually falling onto the ground making a human sized hole in the ground. Lorgos looks up after he fell onto the ground hardly and see's Lucifer in his devil form approaching him slowly. Lorgos notices his katana not that far from where he was laying down at so he tried to reach it on the ground. Lucifer was already too close though and he grabbed the katana from the ground causing him not to reach it. Lucifer threw it further away then once before and looked down at him while the thunderstorm occurs adding a dramatic effect to the situation. He then pierces the Soul Eater slowly into Lorgos as he looks up at Lucifer.

After that, Lucifer leaves his sword into Lorgos' body having the swirl of purple mist begin to form coming from the body going to the Soul Eater. Lorgos' name was then magically imprinted onto the sword itself as the mist begin to fade away completely. Once that happened, Lucifer took out the sword slowly and put it into his palm magically having it disappear and ready to use for when ever needed. He looked once again down at Lorgos as he laid there dead in the open field knowing he achieved a Lord's power and confident about it. He starts stop looking at him and walk the other direction back to The Lucian Kingdom as his form goes back to human. The thunderstorm starts to then slowly fade away and the weather goes back to normal which that day was sunny. A historical moment for Lucifer was then made as a guard of his saw him slowly walking back to the kingdom as Lucifer's first Lord of Hell was killed by him. Lucifer was seen grinning as he walked back toward the kingdom knowing he now has a better chance at defeating the others with Lorgos' soul and power within the sword. 

{There will be several NPC's within the chapters that are just sideline characters which are kill-able for lore sake}

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Season 1, Chapter 2: Lorgos

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