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 Season 2, Chapter 1: Seyfers Warning

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Faction#1PostSubject: Season 2, Chapter 1: Seyfers Warning   Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:44 am

“With reports coming in from Norma Prime and Abiri, records are showing that things are going as planned. The Synthetic Division has opened shop on Norma Prime and have taken full control of the planet. The Administrator sends his thanks for the approval of operations.” Grand Marshal Wyatt Graydon had said towards Lord Srox. Srox nodded her head in acknowledgement, “With the Mech units and Synthetic Division up and operational, we have more paths to use for technological advancement and military might.” She said as she opened a few screens on the holoprojector. The information showed current information regarding military operations on Abiri and plans for Xarn. Grand Marshal Wyatt Graydon and Moff Elias stood by and looked at the projector.

“What are the plans for Xarn?” Elias asked with curiosity. The idea of constant expansion worried and intrigued him for many reasons. Though, with the rapid expansion of the Empire, he had a hard time keeping up with the new officers and Divisions. “Xarn, is a key resource planet. We need the resources on the planet and the orbiting moons. Plans are to harvest all the orbiting moods and replace them with military stations. This will keep the oceans and other needed species in check and make sure that the lack of the moon isn’t going to cause any changes on the planet.” Wyatt said in response. Wyatt moved a few screens in front of Elias and showed him the military orders. Very soon, the hallway filled with footsteps and a clicking noise that followed each step.

“The moons will be remade into Weapons platforms. All under Synthetic Division jurisdiction.” A voice said from the hallway. The Administrator finally showed up for the meeting. He stood in the doorway and stood tall before everyone. “You’re late, as usual.” Elias grunted in annoyance towards the Administrator. The Administrator only walked towards the chair that is assigned for him, “My affairs are none of your business. Keep that in mind, wizard.” He snapped back. “Enough, this bickering is pointless.” Wyatt Graydon snapped at both. He glared at them and then looked back at the screen. “The Administrator is correct; his Division will be holding position on the moons and planet side. Xarn, will be turned into a research planet. We’re also planning on working with the Kyodain clan on future ship projects.” Lord Srox said as she shifted the Holoprojector to the ship that is currently in planning. Everyone looked at the ship with wonder.

The Administrator clicked his cane on the ground in joy. “This 2,000 meter ship will be the pinnacle of the Synthetic Divisions fleet. The Harrower frigate is powerful by itself but our need for a larger ship is required. With the Kyodains help, we will achieve this.” Elias glared at the Administrator. He didn’t like him one bit, it seemed he only cared for power and to look good. A personality he detested. “We will have the Synthetic Division first deployed at Abiri to help clean things up in orbit. Then, will receive orders to go planet side and join the fight. They will conduct operations that will lead the way for Nypherian troops on the ground to push forward.” Wyatt Graydon said as the Holoprojector had been turned off. “We will convene at the end of the Abiri conflict. We will discuss plans of the next step. You’re dismissed” Lord Srox said as everyone saluted and left. Elias paused and glanced towards Srox, she met his gaze. “I worry about the Administrator as well but we need him and the Synthetic Division.” Elias nodded in agreement to what Srox said, at least she is also worried about him.

Lord Srox waited for everyone to leave and turned around to leave. The room had change suddenly and she found herself standing in the Void. She sighed in annoyance, “You know I hate it when you do this. Can’t you just send a post card” she said out loud. “Writing doesn’t convey your true feelings. Words are meaningless when the person you’re writing too isn’t bright” a voice said in response. Footsteps echoed behind Lord Srox. She turned around to see her father walking towards her. Seyfer, the guardian of the Void stopped right next to her. “We need to talk, my child” he said as he glanced at her. “There are dark times coming and you need to be aware. I cannot tell you much, you know the rules. What I can tell you is that it depends on the child you will have. He is the key to it all.” Lord Srox now fully looked at her father. She had a confused yet horrified look on her face. “My child?! Me? A Void Lord having a child? I cannot have a child!” she said in protest. Seyfer raised his hand to silence her. Srox looked away in silence, frustrated at the news. “Your next few months will be hard on you and your people. You must follow your gut and my instructions. You must go to the Kyodain clan and build a Mech Unit. You must do what you can to make sure it is handed down to your son. I cannot tell you more but you must heed my words. Go to the Kyodain clans territories and make a deal with them. Share technologies and create the Mech unit.”

Lord Srox frowned at what her father had said to her. Though, she knew that he wouldn’t lead her astray. She nodded in agreement, “I will do as you say.” Seyfer smiled in approval to his daughter’s words. “Remember, there will be a choice in the future you must make.” He said as his voice seemed to vanished. Lord Srox blinked once and she was back in the meeting room. She let out a sigh as she knew that last warning isn’t something she was happy to here. A Choice she had to make, normally she would dismiss it. However, knowing that her father is a being who can see the past, present, and the future. She had to take him on his word.

Ironically, she had soon received a message from Kyodain Clan to meet them at their new station. This fell perfectly into what her father wanted her to do. She smiled to herself and ordered the Synthetic Division to escort her to the new coordinates.

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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Season 2, Chapter 1: Seyfers Warning   Thu Apr 06, 2017 9:45 am

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Season 2, Chapter 1: Seyfers Warning

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