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 The Visitors of Kan'in.

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Public#26PostSubject: Re: The Visitors of Kan'in.   Mon May 22, 2017 2:21 pm

"Already on it." Rokumi gave a little huff as she got the cart rolling again. 

The sounds of dakari wood battering against each other as they continued forward. The sounds of lively villagers and construction being worked upon can be faintly heard in the distance, however it would still be a while before they got there. Maybe a couple more miles.

The tanuki looked back at the two with a puzzled face. "So I have to ask? How did you guys even get here? What were those boats made out of?"

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Public#27PostSubject: Re: The Visitors of Kan'in.   Thu May 25, 2017 9:04 am

The woods were peaceful....calming....Nothing disturbed the trove except the faint sounds of civilization in the distance.....

The Tanuki creature was strong,it deserved praise....Kaiyan couldn't help but chuckle as she asked how they came to be and what their "boats" where made out of. Kaiyan envied their oblivious lives tucked away on Kan'in away from the complexities of space-age civilization.....His order protects ideals as old as the first few Varanus civilizations.....Ideals older then space-travel....Kaiyan wondered how his own people would fare if they were placed in the shoes of the Tanuki....Keeping to their own and looking out to the stars with mystical wonder rather then calculation. Kaiyan looked to Ryckert to answer the question.

Miles away the Imperial team slowly closed in,staying off the roads moving in squads of 3...Cold chills would annoy some of the human troopers while the Varanus officer clad in thermal plating pressed onward dedicated to completing his objective. Only Tesserarius Ga'nek Foll,the Varanus officer knew the real reason they hunted Kaiyan....The human troops believe him to be an rogue...breaking Imperial law to try and contaminate the Kan'in locals....To try and use his technology and knowledge to appear as an god of sorts.....

This was not the case.....The real reasons were far more sinister.....And the price for failure even worse....

The Imperial team would be an mere kilometer or two from the cart,the thick dakari woods keeping the cart out of sight as the Imperials continued along their path. 


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The Visitors of Kan'in.

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