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 Colonial Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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#1PostSubject: Colonial Intelligence Agency (CIA)   Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:43 pm

Colonial Intelligence Agency

With the recent establishment of the GSU, one of the stipulations put in place by Jaya Almis was for the persecution of all supernaturals to stop immediately. The Office of Naval Intelligence as such was officially decommissioned as a result and all supernatural detainees were released to the Alliance of Kings. With the subsequent creation of the GSU, the Intelligence Agency was re-organized into the Colonial Intelligence Agency. Key members of ONI were kept within the agency, however with the UEG's increased surveillance on the Colonial Intelligence Agency and its activities, any prior agendas are no longer existent on a personnel level.

Role in the GSU
The CIA's job is to gather intelligence for the UEG and more importantly, the Colonial Military in its efforts to maintain peace across the Union Sector of the galaxy. Its responsibilities mainly include Military Intelligence, Counter-Espionage, Propaganda and Top Secret Research and Development Programmes.

CIA Sectors

Sector 1
Internal Affairs.

Sector 2
Intelligence Gathering.

Sector 3

Sector 4
Top Secret Projects

Sector 5

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Colonial Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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