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 Tanuki - Revisited

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Approved#1PostSubject: Tanuki - Revisited   Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:48 pm

(After fleshing out the tanuki, I wanted to rework them with some drastic changes for approval.)

Name: Tanuki
Homeplanet: Kan'in
Sentience: Sentient.

The tanuki's main strength is, well, their strength. Despite being half-a-foot shorter than the average human, they're almost twice as strong and durable. Their bodies also sport a thick coat of fur, a thicker layer of skin, and an even thicker layer of fat to make them resistant against the cold.

Due to some innate connection with the mana around them, tanuki tend to live longer lives. They reach physical maturity at the age of fourty, and have an average life span of about two hundred and fifty years. This innate connection makes it easier for tanuki to be spellcasters, but due to the lack of willpower, makes it harder for them to master their magical abilities.

Finally, tanuki are able to see up to sixty feet in complete darkness. This vision only in black and white, and cannot pierce magical darkness. 

Due to their connection with nature around them, they tend to be weak to the dark arts. Tanuki darkcasters tend to also struggle a lot more than other races when it comes to these kinds of magic, especially blood magic. They also suffer more from the drawbacks of these magic. For the purposes of blood magic, they have "rich blood".

The tanuki are very susceptible to outside natural diseases, considering that they have never been exposed to the world outside of them. It's very possible that what kills the tanuki wouldn't be a gun shot or an axe wound, but an untreated case of the common cold.

To put it bluntly, they are fat raccoons. They stand between 4'8 and 5'4 and their weigh varies depending on their lifestyle and magical talent, but they are usually overweight when it comes to their body-mass index. Those with healthy body-types for a human are considered underweight. There is some bulk to their mass, as behind their fat bodies are muscles, which gives their fat some firmness to them.

While they are anthropomorphic raccoon dogs, they do grow longer strands of fur out of their head and are considered hair. They tend to be the same color as their fur coat, if not darker. Like raccoon dogs, their fur is usually a shade of tan or brown, with a darker shade for markings, but light gray and sometimes albinos can be found among them.

Their most notable feature is their tail, however, as it's considered huge and are often four to five-feet long and a foot wide in diameter. It's also the furriest thing on their body, making it a weak point for mages exploiting their flammability.

Shockingly, it's very similar to the feudal age of Japan on Earth. They have similar technology, except weapons such as warhammers and axes, along with metal armor, are more prevalent due to their richer iron supplies. However, weapons are rare due to the lack of violence in tanuki culture. Travelers still have arm themselves as tanuki thuggery on the outskirts of civilizations are common. Not by notorious criminals, but by tanuki addicts and hedonists that could never control themselves.

Their buildings are made out of a bamboo-like tree with odd properties. These trees are called dakari trees. Despite their semi-hollow nature, they can mashed up up and fitted inside other dakari trees used for building as insulation. Their leaves are the pride and joy of the tanuki people, as they have properties similar to the poppy plant. They also grow fruits called kinomi. They are similar in shape to pears but are bigger, have a blue-coloring to them, and are usually fermented into a type of wine. They can also make their wine with a vegetable known as Riki, shaped like a long, reddish-purple stick that grows even during Kan'in's shortest days.

Their currency, called Yunu, are different sized copper coins that have different things on them. Instead of important people like cultures on Earth, they instead use every day objects like dakari leaves, pipes, kinomi, and even tails. Their kingdom, simply known as Kan'in kingdom, is small and controls their currency. Forgery is common and each town tends to have a kingdom official who inspects merchants for fake coins.

Since chi use has been rising, religion has started to form among the the tanuki. They claim in the center of planets like Kan'in, there lies a World Spirit named Kan'in. Kan'in embodies the elements found on the planet: water, fire, earth, metal, and wood. These elements are considered present in almost every aspect of life, even the types of taste. They have dubbed this elemental worship "Wu Sheng".

Their history is barely notable. Groups of tanuki just came together one day after being hunter-gatherer tribes for centuries before they found their promised land on Kan'in. It was cold but not too cold and had a season good enough for farming. Eventually, farm kingdoms sprouted and they warred until they realized that it was just easier to be under one kingdom.

However, with the rise of chi use and religion among the tanuki, the sparks of politics have been coming up. Different sects of Wu Sheng have came up and it seems like regions of the Kan'in Kingdom are about to revolt against each other.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Tanuki - Revisited   Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:00 am

Looks nice, approved.

I will archive your other Tanuki post since this overwrites other lore.
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Tanuki - Revisited

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