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 Imm'enne Dev thread

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Faction#1PostSubject: Imm'enne Dev thread   Wed Mar 08, 2017 8:33 pm

it was night in bylyn...though the dwarves of bylyn did not rest, even if the lights were out in the bylian capitol, the mines were shining brightly. the eternal working of the dwarves had carried on for over 3 millenia now, and now they had recieved their ultimate commision...

to create a planet.

they were working day and night for 3 years now, only to make a functioning core that could hold civilians, the parts were forged and assembled on jeslore and lifted into the orbit with the so called galaxy choppers. once the core was into orbit the dwarves had their workplace to begin working on the defensive measures of the planet, the core was already the size of a small planet and held up to 2.000 dwarves. only the finest of dwarven engineers and builders were elected to work on imm'enne, the name was chosen by keya gildas, only current living member of the immortals.

after 5 weeks of tests, the core was announced safe for living, and the dwarves could remove their space suits to begin designing the planet's defensive and offensive measures. now the dwarves worked on the living quarters of the many soldiers that would take residence here, this would become the first layer the dwarves built, now with the core being safe for operations, more builders could journey to what would become the most powerfull planet in the immortal area. the living quarters had two levels, so the dwarves wrapped two layers around the core and furnished them, creating two planet layers of living quarters, and then six more for good measures over the span of 3 years.

then it was time for the storages, conveniently based above the living quarters and only accesible from below, for in the case of an attack, soldiers could rush to the 3 storage floors up, get their equipment and go fight while keeping the invaders away from the armory. as there were 3 levels of storage that wrapped around the planet, there was plenty of storage room.

then the training layers were build. gyms, shooting ranges and anything else that could make soldiers more efficient as far as the eye could reach.

next up, was the administration office. here officers would keep less valuable information such as fund tracking, reception and things like that. the administration office got a half, the other half became warfare workshops, much like bylyn jr on apex 122 but without testing chambers.

then, the 'surfaces' were up. these took the most space as the build cities, multiple cities that covered the planet layer, there were 2 'surface' layers the bottom one was more nature, in the event of an attack the trees and forrest like environment offered efficient cover for defense, while the other 'surface' layer was covered in cities. and with the use of electrical vehicles there was little to no polution on this layer. and again in this city in the event of an attack, the many buildings could effectively serve as ambush and cover areas.

the dwarves were already working for years now, but building was in their blood, they had been forging, tinkering, building and creating for centuries, what reason was there to stop now? especially when the reward was simply having created a living planet equaling that of your own, being able to creat like gods without causing harm was the greatest reward a dwarf could dream of.

now was the security layers. 7 layers of autonomous weaponry set to detect, lock on and destroy any unauthorized personnel. there were not only machine guns...the dwarves have thrown all their weapon knowledge into the defense of their masterpiece. the death ray, magic streamers, rocket launchers, AP guns, laser turrets were just the pinnacle of the many traps the dwarves have installed in these 7 layers of mazes that can only be surpassed with two person teleporters that only respond to hand scans of members guarding the teleporters or highly rankes members of the immortals. along with these many turrets, there were cieling traps, alarms, tripwires, pitfalls and enough sensors to give tech factories and steady profit.

now for the last and final shell, the dwarves have been making blueprints, speculating plans and tinkering for years as to what the ultimate outer shell would be, obviously it would have to surpass the security of apex 122, as this planet would be used to store the most valuable persons and items of interest to the immortals, as well as their entire army and plans to their secret project. after the many years of building, tinkering and crafting the plans were set, imm'enne would have a shell much like jeslore, but covered in massive spike like mountains placed in a pattern to creat a tricky field for fighter planes and attackers. the mountains like all the layers and building were covered in armor to ressist gunfire, and even if they didnt, there were too much spikes to shoot down, it would take ages before there would be a safe flying zone.

the spikes were not the only defense the dwarves had planned, on the ground, many autonomous flak cannons, anti air missiles, air defense machine gun turrets and fierey lasers to take down attacking planes, creating an extremely tricky field for fighter planes. the entrances were inside some of the spiky hills, inside these spiky hills there would be skilled immortal guards that defend the teleporters from attackers. the spiky hills only had one door, preventing people from sneaking into the hill and murdering the guard from behind, these guards alone were authorized to activate the teleporters and the only way to change the hand pattern was in the office area.

after many years of building, tinkering and working their masterpiece was finally done...well, almost now all that was left was to repurpose the core into a vault, and let people live on the planet. the bylian dwarved could finally return home to their mines. and the immortals would take their place. and what started as a big hunk of metal where dwarved tinkered, crafted and drew was now the military base of the best mercenary office of jeslore.
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Imm'enne Dev thread

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