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 Shopping Trip

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Silas Manfretti
Silver Writer
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#1PostSubject: Shopping Trip   Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:47 pm

It was 10:30am, approximately an hour since Silas's maid Felicity told him about the vampire, Cy, finally getting into the bathtub and then asking to be left alone. A full hour. Perhaps she had an affinity for bathing in a hot tub. Or perhaps she fell asleep. Silas didn't want to send someone else up there, including himself and certainly not Gavin either; he didn't have the social skills or etiquette for it anyway.

Both men were sat at the dinner table having breakfast. Gavin was dressed in a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a tank top that was a size or two too small for him, as the clothing strained against his lean torso. He was chomping down on a jam sandwich while Silas himself had his right hand resting on the table, wrapped around a mug of coffee while his left hand held up a small tablet from which he read the latest news.

The silence between them was broken by Gavin.
"You gonna check on her?" He asked. Silas looked up at him, his expression blank.
"I'll give her some more time." He replied.
"Yeah let's wait another hour." Gavin's sarcasm was evident. "She is our responsibility mate. The least we could do is see if-"
"You heard Felicity, man. She's bathing at the moment. She said she was still in bad shape in the morning and means she could be for a long time. I know we're responsible, but it's also important to give her some space."
Gavin remained silent.
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Cy Greywold
Bronze Writer
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#2PostSubject: Re: Shopping Trip   Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:41 pm

Something stirred upstairs a moment after the brief conversation between Gavin and Silas had come and passed. It took a few minutes for that 'something' to reach Gavin and Silas, though it would be heard before it was seen.

"Touching." A voice echoes down the hallways. "Was it deemed important to give me some space before or after you ordered your servant to wake me up multiple times?" The voice, now decidedly belonging the female vampire, Cy, snarkily jabs at Silas. She'd soon come into view, wearing the ridiculous pajama pants that were left for her, though not the top, her bare torso and thus the state of her wounds on display.

The top is in her right hand, raised up to about shoulder level slightly blocking her torso, highlighting it with this motion, stating, "I can't wear this.". She lightly lobs it across the room to Silas, after which she crosses her arms and leans her left side against the door frame, extending her right wing outward to visually display her point - No one had considered her wings when arranging clothes for her to wear. "And someone took my dress." Cy sternly voices, her eyes narrowing on Silas.
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Shopping Trip

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