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 Many Regrets

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Oremanusss II
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Private#1PostSubject: Many Regrets   Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:24 pm

This is a record of the conversation between Wynnter and an elderly human named Jonah Nirfery.

Two figures sat on a garden bench admist the roses, tulips, and other beautiful flowers. Everything seemed to have vivid colors today, with the sun out like a great ball of yellow fur, trapped inside a big blue void. The smaller and thinner figure, an elf with blond hair and light colored eyes, was wearing a navy gown and had her hair in two long braids. A old man stood up and walked over to one of the walls of flowers, studying them with mild interest. He wore a simple formal outfit with shiny shoes. His hair was starting to gray.

Wynnter tapped her fingers against the marble, thinking. This was one of the many scholars who knew about the spell, the one who could change her life, or her afterlife. She wouldn't have to suffer through nightmares every time she fell asleep, deal with the antagonizing voices in her head or seem like a ghost or poltergeist everytime she walked around barely visible at night. Once she was almost exorcised by priests who didn't know her predicament and she had to run for a long time, feeling sharp jabs and pains like her soul was being ripped away into another dimension, most likely the ghost one.

The man turned his head slightly towards her. "You must remember that strong magic such as this is not something to play, it is not a game. There may be severe consequences. This is similar to time travel, for you go back to past and erase the present. Lives may be affected...It's something you need to think hard about." Wynnter could tell that this man wasn't okay with what she wanted to do but he didn't want to discourage her. She wasn't going to stop even if he did.

She rested back on the palms of her hand. "I don't want to be this way and it's my choice. If you had to go through what I have to every single day you wouldn't think about other people."

"But I'm not going through that and I have mercy! This can-this can cause the destruction of all we know!" Jonah had flustered expression, as if had been trying to hold back his anger and worry for too long and it was starting to show. This made the spirit study him intently, wondering when he wouldn't control himself anymore and try to harm her. She didn't know if she would fight back, which was the problem. She looked down.

"I just hate those feelings, of that horror. But I'm not sorry. It's worth it and might, just might, have a good outcome!" She glared up at him and hold her stare, never blinking. When he looked away she felt like she won the fight but she knew that this wasn't the case. What was the fight anyway, to stop her from achieving her goal? That was a joke.

They were silent for a while before the man walked back to the bench and slowly sat down. He looked at ease, as if the movement wasn't paining him at all. She admired humans, eve though their lives were short-lived. They last less than a hundred years while elves lived to see many centuries. She decided that he was in his late fifties, judging his wrinkles, his graying hair, and his wise demeanor. Wynnter couldn't blame him for how he just acted, though. The spell was obviously something strong and was costly. If she made any mistake she could murder innocents and end lives, destroying souls, galaxies, universes, even dimensions. They power of this one spell amazed her. She was beginning to feel the pull of a old feeling, the feeling a tyrant feels when they always want power. She avoided Jonah's eyes so he wouldn't notice.

"Clearly you aren't going to help but just give me enough information to ask other people and not look like an imbecile with no idea about magic and it's consequences. Thank you, I guess." She stood up and made way to leave when he grabbed her arm.

"Just...just know that this is very, very dark magic. This kind of death is unrecoverable." They clstared at each for a moment before Wynnter used her magic to make her skin intangible and he was grasping at air. She nodded and strode away, not looking back. But somewhere inside her she felt a bit of regret.
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Private#2PostSubject: Re: Many Regrets   Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:14 am

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Many Regrets

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