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 The Flickr (NPC Species)

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Approved#1PostSubject: The Flickr (NPC Species)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:59 am

The Flickr
Homeplanet: Fli-tar Prime {Formerly}
                    No official planet {Currently}
Sentience: Semi-Sentient Hive-mind

Strengths:Varied Biological and Cybernetic enhancements to Flickr subspecies {See below}. Ability to burrow in soft ground,parasitic bite.

Weaknesses: Varies from each subspecies unit,can only reproduce by laying eggs in rotten corpses,enslaved by an AI,inability to think clearly without the hive-mind,highly vulnerable to fire.

{Strengths and weaknesses apply to all Flickr units unless said otherwise}

Appearance:Whilst the various Flickr subspecies differ in appearance,they all share similarities in some way or another.However almost all of them have been cyberneticily/Biologically enhanced to suit the needs of the War-AI.

Culture:The Flickr hive has little use for culture,all that matters to their hive-mind is efficiency meaning any buildings,machines or technologies built or used by the Flickr is entirely practical with little thought in aesthetics.Their lives revolve around mindless service for the hive-mind.An hive-mind corrupted by another race,all for the purpose of war.
Being a super organism the Flickr are unable to survive without their hive-mind.

History:Before the Sigma Wars the Flickr hive was an pest to the other space-faring nations.The aggressive insectoids would raid weakly defended colonies,killing and assimilating the population to expand their hive.However they always avoided open war with the great powers.

Things changed with the beginning of the first Sigma War,and the race took the opportunity to expand in war-torn sectors.They became one of the great military forces that fought in that war.Easily taking over 12% of the galaxy in the first 5 years of the conflict.

But then the Solsas Technocracy turned it's machine armies on the hive,they lost their queen and their hive-mind was shattered.But this was not their end,instead of wiping this "pest" the Solsasian War-AI found a way to control the hive-mind,then by "enhancing" the race it became the deadliest weapon in the Solsasian arsenal.

Then the Serpentum Confederacy deployed the dreaded Star Cannon,the Solsasians lost the war and the War-AI was destroyed.What few knew is that the pro-Solsasian separatists discovered an backup of the War-AI hidden in abandoned Solsasian factories.The Imperium rounded what little remained of the race into one of the seven frigates that followed the Ark and these separatists hid this backup in the frigate's computer systems.As the ship disappeared when the wormhole collapsed it crashed on the planet that would be known as Sabaton 40-1X,here deep below the planet's crust the hive would remain in a deep sleep for eons.......

That is until a few human explorers reactivated the War-AI which in turn reactivated the hive.The Flickr Hive is currently engaged with the local Sabatonians in a war that mimics the chaos of the Sigma Wars only on a much smaller scale.And unless they are stopped the hive would consume all of Sabaton.


Flickr "Soldier" Appearance:
Flickr Soldier

Enhanced Stamina,able to wield weaponry,extra limbs as evident in picture.

Thin limbs can easily be severed by melee weapons or powerful firearms,unable to use parasitic bite.Armour is easily pierced by most firearms.

Short description:
The Flickr soldier forms the spine and bulk of the Hive's military force,armed with machine-guns these soldiers would rely on swarming the enemy with superior numbers.Unfortunately for the hive these soldiers lack the ability these soldiers are easy outwit if their swarm tactics are used against them.

Flickr "Monogyn" Appearance:

Strengths:Enhanced Speed,Enhanced strength

Very little armour,unable to use parasitic bite.

Short description:
The Monogyn were enhanced to be the Flickr Hive shock troops,armed with shotguns or jagged blades of a sort.They would rush on the battlefield to close the distance with their foe,tearing them apart at close range.Their use has been the bane of the D.K.S whom rely on their fortified trenches for survival.Once a Monogyn breaks into the trench-line many D.K.S troops go down with it.
They do however have very little armour and is easily killed if focused from afar.They aren't specialized in long range conflict as the War-AI focused their design specifically for close quarters combat.

Flickr "Parapon" Appearance:

Strengths:Thick Armour able to absorb large amounts of firepower,armed with a deadly Armour-piercing machine-gun capable of chewing through steel.

Weaknesses:Slow moving {Walks on the battlefield},has 180 degree vision and would need to turn entirely to even see enemies outside that view.Weakness to Armour-piercing rounds,electrical and fire magic/weaponry.Unable to use parasitic bite.

Short description:The "tanks" of the Hive,the Parapon would slowly stride across the battlefield unleashing an hailstorm of armour piercing rounds on those who oppose the Hive-Mind.Their armour is thick and renders most enemy fire ineffective,D.K.S troops would be forced to rush towards the Parapons with flamethrowers or molotov's in order to cook it in it's own armoured shell.Electrical magic/weaponry would also daze or even kill the metallic Parapon who's bodymass consists of 85% metal. 

Flickr "Burrow Wyrm" Appearance:
Strengths:Able to burrow through dirt,rock and even concrete at vast distances.Large size {80 meters}

Weaknesses:Limited means to defend itself besides trying to consume enemies,sensitive to light

Short description:The Burrow Wyrm is responsible for creating and maintaining the vast underground tunnel system the Hive uses as it's base,these Wyrms have also been used to attack the underground bunkers the D.K.S call home.

The Burrow Wyrm has no limbs and can only defend itself by consuming enemies,it also spends it's entire lifespan underground and is highly sensitive to UV rays to the extent that it could kill them.

Flickr "Makron" Appearance:

Strengths:Large size {10 meters} biologically enhanced to be extremely strong,razor sharp claws cut through flesh with ease,tough Chitin,parasitic bite.

Weaknesses:Large size makes it easy target,Chitin easily pierced by explosives,unable use weaponry and can only engage in melee combat.

Short description:The Makron is a feared foe,it cuts through enemies as if they were chaff.The hive uses the Makron in large assaults where it can cut through enemies fortifications and engage vehicles tearing through it with it's large scythe-like claws.

It's large size makes it quite easy to target and if focused it would easily be killed by sheer ranged firepower. 

Flickr "Elite Soldier" Appearance:

Strengths:Enhanced strength,Enhanced perception,multiple limbs,stronger armour then regular flickr soldiers.

Weaknesses:Weakness towards electrical weapons/magic,unable to use parasitic bite,limbs can easily be pierced by heavy weaponry.Can only be found inside hives

Short description:Those few who are able to inflitrate the Hive's fortress are usually hunted by the "Elites",these super soldiers guard the Flickr Hive with restless determination.Armed with deadly armour piercing assault rifles,machine guns or jagged blades these soldiers quickly end the lives of those who enter their hives.

They however are not a common foe,they remain only in their hives unwilling to leave their posts for whatever reason.These "elite soldiers" are also the main guard that protect the War-AI from anyone trying to bring it harm.

Flickr "Brood-Lord" Appearance:

Strengths:Immense strength being able to throw 10 meter vehicles around,can use parasitic bite,can swarm enemies with the many "parasyms" that make their nests inside it's body.Strong sense of smell

Weaknesses:No eyesight,relies on sense of smell to detect enemies,weak to fire magic/weapons,no armour

Short description:Those who allow Flickr parasites to linger in their bodies eventually become twisted and turned Brood-Lords,infested with small insects known as "parasyms" these horrifying creatures serve as crowd control for the hive's army.

They would launch themselves towards the enemies they smell,tearing into them with sharp claws and teeth using parasyms to lay eggs for Flickr larve or to cause chaos to enemy ranks as these parasyms swarm over them disrupting the enemies of the hive.

Flickr "Parasyms" appearance:

Strengths:Small size,painful bite that causes swelling.Lays eggs in corpses for the Flickr to produce larve

Weaknesses:Easily killed,short lifespan if separated from brood-lord {dies within hours}. Unable to use parasitic bite,unable to kill enemies {Multiple bites can cause swelling that would kill if not treated}

Short description:Parasyms are annoying small beetle like insects that the Flickr Hive uses to produce larve,these bugs also inflict painful bites that cause swelling that is dangerous if not treated,their use is mostly as a disruptor to enemy forces that face a brood-lord and beyond that they have little use.

One can simply kill a parasym by stepping on it.

Parasitic bite:Some Flickr are able to "infest" others with a parasite carried over via bite,the parasite would slowly weaken the infected over a period of hours.

If it isn't flushed out by that time,infected would begin to experience visions and hallucinations,as the parasite latches itself unto the brain of the subject.If it isn't removed within an hour at that time then the parasite would attempt to assume the subjects motor functions,sometimes subjects resist their control,sometimes they don't and other times they simply die.

The parasite can be easily removed via anti-parasitic medicines or direct surgery.The latter being used to remove it from the brain.Healing magics are also capable of healing the subject if the healer is skilled enough.

{Characters of players will not be infested without permission}

Last edited by Daniel Almis on Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:13 pm; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : Final draft)
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: The Flickr (NPC Species)   Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:13 pm

Approved on the grounds that these species are never used for a Player Character and are not used against others without full consent of those other writers.

As NPCs, using them to win PvP or Dominions will not be tolerated.
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The Flickr (NPC Species)

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