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 A Discovery Most Warped (Open for One at Request)

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Zephyna Aldaris
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Public#1PostSubject: A Discovery Most Warped (Open for One at Request)   Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:49 am

"There it is." Zephyna quietly said to herself. "Finally."

It had been quite some time since the beacon signal Zephyna had been following reached the Inquisition. Due to its location behind Crusade lines, no one was able to intercept it until recently now that the Crusade was gone. Due to the nature of this beacon, Zephyna felt it was up to her to find the source of the beacon, and recover or destroy whatever was hidden.

It was a dangerous endeavor, no doubt, for it was unknown just what she would find there in the depths of old Crusade Space. Certainly, her wife, Adwina, was loathe to let Zephyna go on her own, but Zephyna was a willful sort, and she was confident she would return no matter what.

As she approached the beacon's location, Zephyna couldn't help but let out a rather surprised gasp as she looked upon the source.

It was large. And furthermore, it was a ship. A very old ship. The shock Zephyna felt was amplified as she saw the words on the side of the ship sprawled out saying "The Rancor".

"It-it can't be!"

As far as Zephyna knew from the dozens of history lessons she had gone through during her schooling years, the Rancor was one of the few ships that the demonic ancestors of the Nzani people had stolen from the Demonic Crusade before it was even known as the Crusade. This ship had to be - no, it was - centuries old. Before her was a piece of history from before the Inquisition even existed.This ship was part of their origin.

Shaking from excitement and sadness, Zephyna hurried on her course through the void between her and the dead ship. The years had not been kind to the Rancor. Eons of space debris and exposure had caused severe damage to the outer hull, and Zephyna was certain the inside fared little better.

As she approached the docking station that was surprisingly still in tact, Zephyna started feeling chills down her spine, as if something were telling her to leave and never return. She ignored this feeling, and pressed on, eventually reaching and docking on the station.

This recon just got a lot more personal.
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A Discovery Most Warped (Open for One at Request)

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