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 Sabaton 40-1X

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Approved#1PostSubject: Sabaton 40-1X    Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:44 pm

Sabaton 40-1X
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: Used to have vast green forests,today it is war torn and dead as the planet is reduced to forests of dead trees and mud among the vast network of trenches surrounding the colonies found on the planet.
Size: Medium
Population: Roughly 2 Billion human "Sabatonians" and unknown number of Flickr Hive cyborgs
Location: Northeastern end of the Sagittarius arm near where the borders of the Inner world,outer world and core worlds meet.

Development Thread: Frigate #467 {One of the 7 lost frigates,center of the Flickr hive forces} Thread will accompany soon

Technology:The Sabatonians have a shred of modern pre-GSU technology.The majority of their tech is similar to technologies used in the 1915s,their societies are split into various "Fortress" colonies that are mainly large concrete bunker cities built beneath fortified hills.

History:The Sabatonians wasn't always an colony struggling to survive,once they were part of an colonization program the UNSC implemented before the rise of the Demonic Crusade.Their objective was to establish an colony that would pave the gateway to the Outer worlds and what is now known as the Nypherian sector.However they were cut off from the UNSC as the wars with the demons began.

The Sabatonians claimed their independence from Earth after the 3rd year of total isolation,they named their planet Sabaton 40-1X after the death of the colonist leader Nicolas John Sabaton who died at the age of 40.Who was worshiped as a messiah after he organized the colonists and established an prosperous town he called 1X.Then after 27 years of prosperous living they discovered an large sinkhole,inside was the wreckage of an large alien frigate.The colonists had no idea how this discovery would affect their world in the following months.Most remember it as a dark clouded day when the hive awoke,they swarmed the explorers and one by one colonies fell.Hope seemed lost for the colonists but then a few colonies banded into a militia and armed with rifles they pushed back the hive.But every time they pushed the insectoid cyborgs back,the Flickr Hive would push back twice as hard.This trend would continue to this very day until the planet was locked into an never ending stalemate of trench-wars and skirmishes that slaughtered millions of lives and scarred the planet into an wasteland that mirrored the chaos and destruction both sides brought on each other.

Today the colonies have banded into a military republic known as the Defensive Korps of Sabaton or D.K.S for short.Ever watchful in their mud-soaked trenches,guarding the last shreds of their civilization hidden in fortified underground bunkers.Their resources scarce and aid almost non-existent.The Sabatonians have endured much hardship and loss,many of them have forgotten the warmth of the sun and the touch of grass.

The D.K.S is currently led by the charismatic Colonel Casper Degrant.Who has fought the Flickr forces for almost 4 years and acts as chairman for the D.K.S Security Council.His famous words "I won't lie men many of us will die,but we will die fighting for every inch of soil of OUR home OUR families OUR futures!"


The planet is littered with mud-filled trenches and scars of countless battles that took place between the native Sabatonians and the cybernetic Flickr Hive.Out of the 40 colonies that existed only 3 namely Joaburg,Roholm and Dahlshill.These 3 bunker colonies are fortified and surrounded by an network of trenches and metallic blockhouses.

The territory between the D.K.S and the hive is vast "no-man lands" littered with barbed wire,mines and those who fallen during past skirmishes.Disease spreads rampart and a foul stench fill the air in these lands and scouts of either the D.K.S or the Flickr Hive constantly clash in small skirmishes.

The D.K.S is the only goverment body besides the Flickr Hive on the planet.They have requested aid by sending out ships to meet major factions,however the Flickr Hive has been able to intercept and destroy all ships that attempt to flee the planet.The hive also established cannons that spew acidic plasma that chews away at ships in orbit,this deterrent has kept curious explorers at bay for years.


{Created in collaboration with @degant123}
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Elias Bishop

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Sabaton 40-1X    Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:41 pm

That's one long history, I'd say it covers the dev thread on it's own.

Anywho, this bad boy is approved.
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Sabaton 40-1X

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