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 Last of the Ragnor

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Public#1PostSubject: Last of the Ragnor   Sun Mar 05, 2017 1:10 pm

Mortimus sat in his office and looked at it. It was a large sphere, pale blue in colour and emanated a gentle glow. Tiny black spots dotted the smooth surface. 'It' was and egg and probably the most expensive egg in the universe. This egg contained the last of the Ragnor. The Ragnor were a species native to Necronis, the same planet Mortimus came from. They were very similar to dragons with no wings and walked on all fours. Their tough skin, like their eggs were blue with a slight glow. In the early decades of mankind's colonisation of Necronis, these creatures were used as mounts and lived a symbiotic relationship with the humans. This was due to their high intelligence and natural affinity with magic. Their breath could take many forms; from blue flames, to blue ice, to blue mist. They could telepathically talk to humans and other races from birth and cases report them talking from within their eggs. Ragnor reproduce asexually, meaning that they produced and laid their own eggs without the need for a partner. However, during the war with the demons, the Ragnor were rounded up and slaughtered due to their magic, one of the few magic defences the humans had. It was thought that in the early years of the war, the demons had completely wiped them out. Until now. Now, Mortimus sat in his office looking at one. The last Ragnor egg in existence.

He had got it three days earlier from another Nekrax, another of his race. He said he found it on Necronis before he left the planet and had been hunted by demons, bounty hunters, treasure hunters, collectors and more ever since. He had given it to Mortimus in hopes that he could find a safe place for the egg to hatch and grow and hopefully rebuild the species. Since then, Mortimus had been staring at the egg, thinking about were to take it. Next to him was pad with the names of hundreds of planets, most crossed off. He looked back over the list of planets when one caught his 'eye'. Mytheria. A relatively peaceful planet with little technology. Native to dwarves, humans and elves. Elves... Mortimus made up his mind. He would take the egg to the elves of Mytheria, their love of nature would ensure nothing would happen to it. But he couldn't do it alone, he would be hunted across the galaxy. He would need help. Quickly his turned on his terminal and sent out a message to people he trusted and people he knew he could trust. He told them to meet him at the spaceport on earth where they would start their journey. Picking up the egg and placing it in a secure, padded box, he headed out.
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Last of the Ragnor

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