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 Update on the SPARTAN IVs

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#1PostSubject: Update on the SPARTAN IVs   Sat Mar 04, 2017 7:41 pm


As of March 16 2555, the SPARTAN IV program was officially decommissioned and production of SPARTAN IV supersoldiers was discontinued. At the time, 800 SPARTAN IVs existed which was more than enough to fulfill the UNSCs need for special forces to be sent on high-risk deployment.


The Battle of Haven saw the biggest loss to the UNSCs infantry: the thousands-strong complement of marine and ODST soldiers were wiped out almost entirely with very few survivors. Almost all 300 SPARTAN IV supersoldiers were also rendered KIA with only 10 surviving.


As of September 2564, only 30 SPARTAN IVs remain. The SPARTANs are arranged into different Fireteams and continue to deploy on different assignments across GSU-controlled space. The nature of their missions are classified. The remaining Fireteams are as follows:

  • Fireteam Aqua: Three active SPARTAN IVs

  • Fireteam Diablo: Three active SPARTAN IVs + 1 active SPARTAN III

  • Fireteam Epsilon: Five active SPARTAN IVs

  • Fireteam Underwear: Five active SPARTAN IVs

  • Fireteam Juggernaut: Eight active SPARTAN IVs

  • Headhunter Team Alpha: Two active SPARTAN IVs

  • Headhunter Team Bravo: Two active SPARTAN IVs

  • Headhunter Team Charlie: Two active SPARTAN IVs

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Update on the SPARTAN IVs

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