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 Season 3 is here! Update Details

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Staff#1PostSubject: Season 3 is here! Update Details   Sat Mar 04, 2017 10:48 am

Update Details
Season 2 Results:

  • Whilst the UNSC fought inwards against ONI's treatment of Supernatural's, the Demonic Crusade built it's armies up to a devastating level.
  • In response to ONI, Jaya Almis left the UNSC to form the Alliance of Kings, with the main purpose of facing the Crusade.
  • Meanwhile, an extragalactic species known as the Nypherians colonised the Northern parts of the galaxy.
  • Inquisition, UNSC, and Alliance forces suffered a shocking defeat on Aumia, forcing them to retreat and rethink their plans.
  • In response to this the UNSC and Alliance formed the Galactic Systems Union, sharing their leadership equally.
  • Whilst GSU and Nypherian forces distracted the Crusade on Zaegrim's Spirit, three heroes (Kittiana Youngblood, Elias Bishop, and Sebastian Duarte) faced Aboleth on Hades.
  • During their battle, the celestial Sam'anar destroyed the planet to crush the crusade once and for all, preparing to sacrifice his friends lives.
  • The heroes however were saved by Seh'makou, another celestial who then tricked them into a deal which allowed him to seize Sam'anar's soul for himself.

Season 2 Conclusion
With the Crusade broken and the Demons merely remnants across the eastern worlds, new Factions have arisen to fight their causes and seize these new worlds back from the clutches of Chaos. Aboleth is dead, along with the planet of Hades, but the Four Horseman still roam the galaxy...

Season 3 
As the Nypherians deliver their final blow on the Darkness, it looks as if peace is about to return to the galaxy. However, with Seh'makou still plotting in secret and the rise of new factions, war and destruction might yet reign again. This time it is as dependent as ever on the actions of the heroes and villains of the galaxy...

Site Update

  • New Background
  • New Logo
  • Galactic Map now has Sectors

Still to come in Season 3

  • Dueling Tournaments
  • Galactic Events
  • Seasonal Events
  • Sector-based Activities

As stated, this Season is in the hands of you, the writers and newcomers who have joined our journey in this universe. Create and expand your factions, characters and storylines to however you like. Suggest new ideas or events for Staff to implement. Now more than ever this site is about you.

We hope you have enjoyed your time with us and can't wait to share more stories with you soon.

-Convergence Lore Team
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Season 3 is here! Update Details

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