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 Catching a Rainbow

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Private#1PostSubject: Catching a Rainbow   Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:05 pm

A short little fae creature sat right where the water reached the sand, barely out reach when the tide moved up slightly. She grinned to herself, enjoying the warm sunlight that soaked her skin. A peevish idea roamed her mind but she felt too lazy to endure it. Instead she watched the ocean surface without losing focus, making sure that almost the whole view was in her sight. She held a long slim pole that reached far from her, a fishing rod, and although the beach was definitely not where she should go fishing she decided to anyway. Besides, her fishing rod was able to stretch farther than it looked like so she could reach the fish that swam far out in the sea.

She tapped her cheek patiently as she waited. Once the water actually lapped onto her shoe and she stared at her reflection, seeing a blonde young woman with piercings on her long elven ears and her bangs dyed lavender, like the magic that she created. Thinking of her magic, she summoned it, making it wrap and swirl in the sand next to her. The sand started to shape into a structure, something she couldn't figure out at first. It wasn't a sandcastle but...a statue. It looked like a mermaid statue, which made her frown. She immediately knocked it down, staring back out into the sea.

As soon as she turned, though, her fishing rod tugged hard from and she nearly flew into the ocean. She was on her feet in seconds and started to reel in the haul. The creature fought back so hard that she could even see it thrash underneath the water. The small short fae grinned, the corners over her mouth stretching almost all the way to her ears. She spread her legs so she could have better balance and used her energy to aide in feeling the fish in. It was hard but then the fish eventually gave up and stopped struggling.

It was a beauty: the rare rainbow fish. It looked like a regular eel but it was scaly with colors and every time it was suppose to electrify it instead glowed brightly with a different color. She layer it far from the water and stared at it bedazzlingly. She never seen one before, except in books perhaps, and this one was beautiful. She thought about keeping it but she instead just plucked one of it's scales off and tossed it gently back into the ocean. She watched it swim away frantically as she fiddled with the scale. She sat back in the sand without retrieving her fishing pole.
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Catching a Rainbow

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