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Approved#1PostSubject: Xaerrians   Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:12 pm

Name: Xaerrian
Homeplanet: Xaerra{Formerly}
                    New Serpentum{Currently}
Sentience: Sentient

Strengths:Fast swimmers,water-breathing,extremely agile,heightened eyesight,night-vision while underwater.

Weaknesses:Cannot live in dry,hot conditions,extremely low birth rate,weakness to electrical weapons/magic,weaker physically.

Appearance:Xaerrians are bipedal mammalians,their skin tones usually a hue of pink or orange sometimes red.Their skin is sticky to the touch,this layer of slime is excreted much like sweat to cool their bodies and to preserve moisture.They are shorter then the Varanus ranging from 4'5 to 4'9 inches.Their most notable feature is their heads,with starfish like appendages extending from their faces,their facial features may seem ugly to most other races outside the Imperium making their appearance a source of much social issues.They have 2 eyes normally yellow in colour with a smaller eye used to see in the dark conditions underwater.

Culture:Xaerrian culture revolves around their aquatic lives,with strange "water dances" being one of their traditional past-times,such a dance is usually performed in a mating ritual were two mates would thrust each other underwater whilst doing elegant techniques to "prove their worthiness" to their forefathers.They also craft intricate fabrics made from a specially grown seaweed,these fabrics are similar to cashmere wool found on earth.They are also fluent in the flute and play many beautiful notes in speedy tunes.Their art usually consists of sculptures made from oceanic rock,adorned with shells and their fabrics.They have a religion in which they believe their forefathers guide their actions.They have a low birth rate as many Xaerrian females are only capable of carrying one child.

However many Xaerrians debate over whether their culture is slowly being replaced by the Imperium's dominant Varanus culture this is mainly due to how small the Xaerrian population is.Many young Xaerrians who want to join the Legion see their culture as weak compared to the Varanidae Warrior culture,the Imperial Court recognizes this as a major concern for the well-being of Xaerrian culture and therefore limits the application for young Xaerrians to join the ranks of the Serpentum Legion.The majority of Xaerrians prefer to lead artistic careers,becoming beloved artists in the Imperium.

History:The Xaerrians were once a powerful force in Sigma Draconus,their fleets safeguarding their borders during the "Great War" unfortunately their homeworld was destroyed in the chaos of the third Sigma war.The few Xaerrians that remained fled to the Serpentum Confederacy and assisted the Imperium in their rise to power.They became an accepted minority in the Imperium,and one of the few to join the Varanus in their exodus from their dying galaxy.

While still being a minority in New Serpentum,living in small underwater districts in the great capital.They still hold a positive outlook on life and and those few who are in the Legion serve as oceanic shock troops.Much of Xaerrian history was lost,their ancient stories forgotten and what little remains of their old way recorded in the Imperial Archives,guarded by Xaerrian and Varanus soldiers.Today the Xaerrians celebrate their culture and survival with each day,inviting friends and family to great feasts of sushi and soups at the end of each week.

Unfortunately they have the lowest birthrate in the Imperium with a normal family only producing one child each second generation.This is caused by a strange mutation that renders 2 out of every 3 females unable to carry another child.The Imperium's biologists have spent the last 50 years trying to determine the cause and cure to this genetic anomaly but to this day the answer eludes the most skilled of biologists.    

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Xaerrians   Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:24 pm

I feel like I've been missing this for too long, approved.
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