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Approved#1PostSubject: Krevor   Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:58 pm

Name: Krevor
Homeplanet: Vitae
Sentience: Sentient


Physically Honed
Krevors tend to maintain a very fit physique due to their unique metabolism, and as such are usually very strong or agile, usually a mix of the two, allowing them to excel naturally in the field of battle.

High Intelligence
Krevors tend to possess a very high intellect compared to many races in the galaxy, and can serve well in roles which require a great deal of intellect, such as scientists, doctors and statesmen.

Long Life Span
The average lifespan of a Krevor is 1000 years.

Affinity to magic
A affinity to magic has suddenly become quite prevalent in Krevor DNA, who are now naturally born with a large magic reserves.

Enhanced Physical abilities
Krevor possess enhanced physical strength, they are able lift a ton and possibly break concrete with a single blow. How much of this is due to their natural strength is unknown. In addition of their enhanced strength they are also able to jump great distance and run much faster  than the human norm due to their digitigrade feet.


Due to their wealth and standing, the large majority of Krevors tend to possess an overwhelming ego and confidence in themselves. While they back up such for the most part, defeat can prove a blow to their inflated egos.

While not the case for the ENTIRETY of their race, Krevors of larger height and size which comprise the majority of the warrior caste tend to be slightly bigger targets, which they try and compensate for with whatever armor can be provided.

Digitigrade Legs
While the way their legs have evolved enable them to move with incredible grace and agility, it also has the disadvantage of preventing them from using unmodified ships whose foot controls are not adapted to their physiology, and makes them more easily tripped up if caught off-guard.


Krevor 2:

Krevor are bipedal reptiles that bear a superficial resemblance to humans from a distance, an illusion shattered upon closer inspection. Krevor stand between 7'4 and 9'6 in a fully upright position, their heads are reptilian with a quadruple hinged mandibled mouth which opens at the bottom. The jaw contains around eight to ten teeth.  Krevor posses no visible tongue. The torso of Krevor are similar to the those of a human, although the chest and abdomen are much wider, almost twice that of a well-muscled human. Their shoulders are nearly identical in structure to human shoulders, only longer in length and thicker. Their hands have four digits, two fingers and two opposable thumbs, which allow them to use most equipment designed for beings with opposable thumbs.

The feet of Krevor are digitigrade, which allows them to jump greater distances and run much faster than the human norm. Their toe configuration resembles the cloven hooves of various terran mammals; although Krevor wear a soled boot, the overall shape of the "hooves" are still visible.


Krevor culture as a whole is based around the worship of their pantheon of gods, and mastery of their ''god-gifted magic''. All Krevor’s cherish their godly pantheon, and are quick to despise those who would mock them for their beliefs, especially now that their gods were the ones responsible for giving them magic and their advance technology. 









The regular Krevor household tends to be quite wealthy, with access to a great deal of comfort, technology and demon slaves. Their bountiful gold and gem deposits allow the people of Vitae to live like nobles, and as such are extremely protective of their mineral rights on their own planet.

Slavery is a large part of their culture, due to the population of demon on Vitae which outnumber them three to one yet serve willingly as their servants, due to the fact they've been indoctrinated over the course of thousands of years to worship the Krevors as living gods. These slaves know very little else, and don't care to learn otherwise, having more than accepted their role upon Vitae after thousands of years of servitude. 

The Krevor people as a whole are ruled over by several dozen powerful noble houses, which in turn all report to their overall leader, the Pharaoh, who is considered the living voice of the gods on Vitae and worshipped just as equally as them.


Krevor  warriors display respect and admiration for honorable fighters, whether they are allies of the Krevor or not. It is common for the Krevor to have such an admiration for their adversaries. Krevor respect and revere veterans and often follow their lead. Their history is filled with victorious combatants welcoming the defeated enemies' remaining forces into their own arm, provided of course that they fought with honor.

According to Krevor culture death in battle is the most honorable and proper way to die. If a warrior is critically injured, incapacitated, or captured, the only acceptable recourse is to commit ritualistic suicide, ensuring one's honor is kept intact. This was of such importance to Krevor warriors that if they were incapable of killing themselves, they requested the assistance of their fellow Krevor in doing so.

General behavior: Krevors are a very proud people, with a long and rich history. They venerate their gods daily and their warriors constantly hone themselves for battle in service to the gods and their Pharaoh, whom they consider the will of the gods made manifest in physical form. Their pride has led to a large racial ego for the most part, with Krevors constantly seeing themselves as blessed by their gods and the rightful rulers of Vitae above all others. This can be slightly bothersome when attempting to negotiate or entreaty the Krevors, but if it can be accomplished, they would make strong allies indeed.


At the dawn of known Vitaeian history, the Krevor race was the only sentient species on the planet Vitae, and had built a mighty empire. After years of war amongst each other one house was able to unite the houses using the advanced technology given to them by the gods (the highly advanced civilization that inhabited the planet before them). However peace didn’t last long , demons arrived on Vitae, and stole a large swathe of unsettled land from the local Krevors and killed innocent civilians. The two races began constantly waging war with one another for dominance until the Krevors eventually broke their enemies using their superior technology and magic, forcing them into slavery. Over the course of the next  thousand years, the demons of Vitae were slowly brainwashed and indoctrinated into worshiping and obeying their Krevor masters without question.

Year later the inhabits of Vitae received terrifying news of a mysterious disease which was causing widespread chaos across their system. Their current Pharaoh adopted an isolationist policy to prevent the population of Vitae from being afflicted by such a horrible disease, shooting down any ships that dared approach the planet during such a turmoil filled time for the galaxy. This had the unfortunate effect of quickly using up their stock of food supplies, leading to many deaths from starvation until crops could be grown to meet the demand for food and medicine, though it had spared their species from total destruction. Recently, several Krevor deities have ''made themselves known'' to the Priesthood and Zealots of Vitae, increasing their already notable influence. Such events had also boosted the Krevor people's connection to magic, leading to a higher birth rate of children that possess large magic reserves. Deciding such remarkable ''gifts'' were a sign from the gods, the current Pharaoh of Vitae ended their isolationist policies, believing the time for his people to rise up and become a galactic power had come at long last.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Krevor   Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:13 pm

Approved, pending Secondary Approval

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Approved#3PostSubject: Re: Krevor   Sun Feb 26, 2017 2:57 pm

Secondary approved.
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