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 Crashed on a Distant Planet -Open-

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Public#1PostSubject: Crashed on a Distant Planet -Open-   Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:45 pm

Pilots Outfit:

His eyes slowly opened, his head shook violently. A faint alarm is the only thing he could here. Finally coming to, he realizes that it’s his fighter that is making the noise. He quickly glances around and notices his Co-Pilot is either dead or unconscious. Their fighter is spinning down to the ground of an unknown planet. A large smoke trail plumed from the wings and the engines of the fighter. He glanced around at the dials and tried to correct the course of the fighter. The controls were dead and the ground is coming up fast. He quickly hit a few nobs and the cockpit door burst off and the two pilots ejected. Soon, both other their seats were in the air and falling. The seat small engines came into emergency power and slowly dropped them to the ground. With a resounding thud, the pilot landed on the ground safely. He looked up at the sky and watched the fighter crash into the distance. A Large explosion followed and a large cloud of smoke slowly began to rise in the distance.

Removing the belt and jumping out of the seat, he instantly went for his survival gear. Grabbing his assault rifle and gear, he ran into the woods. He knelt on one knee and opened the radar system to find his Co-pilot. A blip showed that his Co-pilot is nearby. Closing the device and updating his head gear, he made his way towards the marker objective.

The forest is dense and moist. It seemed this planet had a lot of rainfall. He had been cut off from the coded network and needed to get to his Co-pilot seat. He had the server hub communicator and he needed to get it. The leaves crunched under his boots and his black gear and armor stood out in the green forest. The red eyes of his helmet scanned the area about him, taking notes of the planet life. Soon, he made his way into the clearing. He spotted his Co-Pilot and he was awake. He had followed the same protocol as he did. The Co-pilot kept glancing around and gathering his gear. The Pilot opened Coms.

“12-6, on your 3”

The man stopped gathering his gear and looked up and directly at the Pilot.

“12-6, gather your gear and meet me at the tree line.”

The Co-pilot, had grabbed everything he needed and dashed towards the tree line. They met at the tree line and both got on one knee. “I had just woken up, what happened to the ship?” “Destroyed, I woke up while it had been falling to the ground.” “Do you know what had caused us to crash?” “Negative, Sergeant, I had only woken up while it had been falling. I have no memory of the cause. We have to get to high ground.”

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Public#2PostSubject: Re: Crashed on a Distant Planet -Open-   Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:10 pm

The Imperium deployed many scout units throughout the galaxy to survey planets and systems for information and to identify worlds ripe for future colonization.One such unit was a small cruiser that remained in orbit of a as of yet unknown forest world.

Kaiyan was the scout chosen to survey one of the sectors in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet.He was busy equipping his Legionary power armor,as each piece locked into place it released a gust of pressurized air.As a crew member finished helping him with the tail-piece of the armor he grabbed the helmet and locked into place,the closed helm's HUD system flickered to life as it monitored his heart rate and blood pressure while a small horizon reticle appeared in the middle of the HUD.He took one of the 10 M-2 Rail-Rifles that stood on the weapon rack neatly packed in a line barrels aiming to the roof.He swung the weapon to his back and with a click it was magnetically secured for transport.He also took one of the many legionary swords that stood on the opposite weapon rack adjacent the rail-rifles,this sword was placed in the hilt hanging from his side.
He also took 3 Data Spheres with him.

He boarded the drop ship and within a hour he was dropped in the assigned sector.As soon as his armored clawed feet hit the ground he activated the spheres,these spheres would then scan the area around him whilst he moved around collecting data and sending it to the cruiser in orbit.

After about 2 hours of surveying the sector,he heard the sound of an explosion and immediately took cover behind some rocks.He noticed smoke in the distance about 4 Kilometers southeast of his position,he held his rifle close and disengaged the safety lock.Keeping his spheres close he started to cautiously head towards the origin of the smoke.Using the thick underbrush of the forest to camouflage his presence.

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Crashed on a Distant Planet -Open-

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