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 Colonial Military and The Knights

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#1PostSubject: Colonial Military and The Knights   Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:25 pm

Colonial Military

The UNSC no longer exists. Instead, the Colonial Military has taken its place and its task is to ensure protection of all GSU territories. The Colonial Military comprises of many different branches including: Navy, Army, Air and Marine Corps. It is in many ways joint with The Knights and its activities are monitored mainly by the UEG.

The Knights

The Knight's Initiative is a military faction comprising of specially trained, elite supernatural warriors that use a variety of weaponry that blends both magic and technology together. It is in many ways joint with the Colonial Military but mostly monitored by The Alliance Government.
The Knight's are trained in specialised academies or "Knight's Academies" located in specific locations on certain planets across the GSU territory.
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Colonial Military and The Knights

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