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 Chapter 13: Girls Night Out

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 13: Girls Night Out    Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:08 am

One week passed by and Karlene was going to the local village store to get some food for herself. As she enters the store area she sees Jessica in the distance talking to a seller. It had seemed she was highly upset because you could've heard her arguing with the seller from a good distance away. Everyone stared at her and the seller as they walked by not wanting to be a part of it. Karlene then approaches Jessica and says "I don't think we've met before" as her eyes locked onto Jessica's. Jessica then looks back at her noticing how pretty she looked in her noble clothes. She replies with "I don't think we have either. My name is Jessica. The ex-queen from The Lucian Kingdom" as they shake hands saying it's nice to meet you. 

They both talked for a bit at the market in the blazing hot sun then decided to go to Karlenes house. As they walked out of the market area, everyone stopped staring and went back to what they were doing. The seller holding the apples then threw one at Jessica yelling out "HEY! YOU WHERE YOU GOING HUH!?" as Jessica was already too far from the seller for it to reach her. The both of the girls then looked at each other and giggled walking away. They had already knew from the start that they were going to be great friends. Once they reach the house they both walk into it and close the door. The house inside was lit by the fire place and had many hunting gear on the wall such as hunting trophies and deer heads. 

Jessica is intrigued by all of this stuff seeing such a male type of life style by such a small and innocent looking girl such as Karlene. Karlene gave her the full tour/guide of her house after that they had sat down after such a long down of heat. They both drank coffee and told each other stories from myths to folk tore by the fire. Soon, it was time for Jessica to go but Karlene suggested they should have a girls night out. A night of pure fun if you will, for the girls only and no one else. Jessica of course agrees to the idea thinking about how fun it would be to finally once again be treated right. The both of the girls then ran out into the middle of the night getting in Karlenes space ship that hovers right above ground and then took off to a night club by them selves. As they got there, they parked the car and entered the night club as it was booming with radio music with a pattern while tons of different colored lights then went everywhere throughout the place.

Karlos was approached by Jessica at the night club while she was dancing with Karlene and slapped him in the face. Karlos held his face saying that it hurt and that he would leave them alone. Jessica shooed him off to go dance with some other people he knows. Karlene had asked why she did that and she explained everything as they stopped dancing to go sit down. They both walked through the club holding onto their hands and went to sit down on a red couch. They sat next to a couple kissing each other as the party went on. From there on, Jessica and Karlene just talked the whole rest of the time until they finally left. Karlene and Jessica had both got into Karlenes space ship and took off to her house. Once they got there Karlene said it was okay for her to spend the night so she accepted the offer kindly. The two girls then get into the house and fall asleep right when they got into bed.

Meanwhile, the leader of the serial killers just discovered the dead bodies that were burnt to ashes by Renny and he did a huge roar that was heard by many villagers that night. Some even went to go check it out but those guys were never found again. All of this was on the galactic news channel in the morning playing on Lucifer's television while he was asleep. Synth came into the room and woke him up with breakfast already made for him. Lucifer then ate the breakfast as Synth goes back downstairs and starts watching the news shocked that this had occurred. Lucifer had actually thought bringing them there that they would kill off the leader of the group but they must've not saw him. Lucifer then sipped his drink while looking at the TV then spit the drink all over the floor and on his robe while he heard of what happened.

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Chapter 13: Girls Night Out

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