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 Galactic Systems Union Summary

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Galactic Systems Union
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#1PostSubject: Galactic Systems Union Summary   Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:59 pm


The United Nations Space Command was formed for the purpose of overseeing the United Nations' military operations in space in the early days of Humanity's colonisation of space. The UNSC served as the militaristic, scientific and exploratory agency of the United Earth Government.

The United Earth Government itself is the central civilian government that oversees the laws and regulations of Earth and her colonies. The UNSC over time gained more and more power and influence and eventually usurped a lot of the UEG's responsibilities and took them under its own wing as the threat of war from extraterrestrial factions increased. The UNSC remained in power for 500 years.

The Alliance of Kings was very much the same as the UEG - the faction represented the unification of the supernatural worlds in the southern sector of the galaxy. The planets and their respective monarchies came together under one banner in response to the Demonic Crusade's aggressive expansion into their territories.

However, after diplomatic meetings between the Human representatives of the UNSC, UEG and ONI (UNSC intelligence sector) and Alliance of Kings took place, both factions have now been merged into the GSU as of June 2564.


The GSU Council
The Galactic Systems Union council is now the central governing body of the combined territories of the former UNSC and Alliance of Kings. The council consists of equal amounts of high ranking members from both factions to ensure an equal, non-biased leadership of the GSU territory.

United Earth Government
The United Earth Government as of yet still remains and the government on the most part, have the same responsibility: to govern all human colonies and ensure law and order across all of its systems. The UEG is now directly answerable and subservient to the GSU. The UNSC no longer exists.

Alliance Government
The Alliance Government is very similar to the UEG and at the same level, except their responsibility lies with all supernatural-held star systems. The Alliance Government still represents the unification of all these planet's monarchies under one rule, but it also directly answerable and subservient to the GSU.
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Galactic Systems Union Summary

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