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 The establishment of the capital on New Serpentum

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#1PostSubject: The establishment of the capital on New Serpentum   Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:46 pm

July 2564

The Imperial Court has gathered alongside the heads of the military,civil administration and several key individuals to discuss the future of the Imperium.As soon as all the formalities were over the discussion began:

First to speak was Grand Scholar Eron who approached the throne and bowed before continuing.

"Your Imperial majesty,with the completion of the new city we must consult the "Mors Directive" and decide the next course of action the Imperium must take" he said as he awaited the Emperor's response.

The Emperor sat upright and held his imperial sceptre to the crowd. "Very good,Grand Imperator Zorbek,what is the status of our military forces?"

Out of the crowd a brute of a Varanus clad in a unique suit of power armour stepped forward,unlike the other Imperators he was wingless and carried a massive war mace.It was clear to some that the Grand Imperator himself was a cyborg of sorts.He spoke with a deep and respective tone.

"Your Imperial majesty,the Legion operates at 54% of its original strength unless we colonize new worlds and install fertility programs alongside conscription I doubt that the Legion would be able to return to it's full strength.Nevertheless over 347 Legions have been organized from the volunteers among the citizenry.Our advanced technology gives us a edge against the Zodarrin but several reports suggest that a few factions hold technology that match ours.Further reports are still pending from field agents."

The Grand scholar fell back into the crowd behind the Grand Imperator as he waited for his old friend's response.

"Very good,Zorbek take the needed steps into ensuring the growth of the Legion.Grand Admiral Fee'lah come forward!"

An uniformed Varanus female strode towards the throne,bowing before speaking.

"The Armada is but a shadow of it's former self your majesty.After expansion and some research into local metals alongside the construction of more dry docks will we be able to rebuild our fleets into the Armada the Imperium once praised."

The Emperor nodded in agreement as he stood from his marble throne."From this point forward I name this planet New Serpentum,capital of the Serpentum Imperium and new home of the Varanus race! Let our enemies feel the steel of the Legion,may their ships crumble before the Armada and may our allies prosper in our presence!"

A bold claim to make but it boosted the morale of a broken race and it's broken Imperium.
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The establishment of the capital on New Serpentum

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