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Approved#1PostSubject: Jeslore   Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:56 pm

Name: Jeslore
Habitable: yes
Terrain: All
Size: Large
Population: varies over time but the races native to jeslore are: Humans, fiends, giants, dwarves, sun elves, renegade elves, shadow elves, light elves, wild elves, wood elves, dridders, harpy's, centaurs, mermaids, mifs, orcs, ogres, gremlins, trolls and several divine and demonic races.
Location: Any, but nearby apex 122

Development Thread: NA.

High tech

The history really started with the war for dracholm, led against spectre and her undead army on a rampage to find her dead daughter, the war took many lives but granted all inhabitants on jeslore with one thing "the immortals" who shaped the history of the planet, ending the enslavement of the sun elves and any other race on jeslore, saving the planet and possibly the universe of the reign of evil demons, uniting divine races with demonic races and much, much more.

The most well known continents on jeslore are chey'nis and dracholm, dracholm has the best recorded history and most distinct countries. gloomshade, linesse, rifthelm, loftwoods, bylyn, frostspike and bloodspike.

gloomshade is a vast dark wasteland, shaped by vile magic and necromantic rituals. it is very unhospitable and requires though travelers to travel from city to city.

linesse is the country of the humans and hearth of dracholm and the royal family, it has a very varied landscape, it's right in the middle of the other countries, sharing the landscape of it's neighboors when traveling closer to them.

rifthelm is the dessert country and home of the giants, they watch over the seas around dracholm and is constantly plagued by high temperatures. the giants themselves are huge humans and are a very intimidating sight.

the loftwoods is a country completely covered in rainforrest and up north normal forrests, it is home to the wood elves and the sun elven refugees running from the enslavement of their homeland by the renegades, dracholm was the best place for them as king arthus has commanded his army to protect all.

Bylyn is a volcanic wasteland that just like gloomshade is very hostile. it was uninhabited before the dwarves surface from the underground. once they emerged the dwarves built cities in bylyn and made it their homeland. due to their friendly nature they soon become allied with the surrounding countries.

Bloodspike is a mountainous country, the hills have an interesting color (greyish red). bloodspike is home to the deepflame samurai who, at the time were the most fearsome and discipline swordmasters of them all, they were closely allied with the linessian royal militia. they had fierce traditions and gruesome initiation rituals.

Frostspike is the last country in dracholm to have slavery before the renegade empire was vanquished, mostly because killing and mistreating slaves in frostspike was punishable, not by law but by their religion. since frostspike is one of the last countries to be generally religious the people there seem very obsessed with showing mercy.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Jeslore   Tue Feb 21, 2017 1:50 am

Approved Pending Secondary Confirmation.
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Approved#3PostSubject: Re: Jeslore   Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:32 pm

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