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 Hollow Breeds

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Approved#1PostSubject: Hollow Breeds   Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:07 pm

Name: Hollow breeds
Homeplanet: A virus created in a laboratory.
Sentience: Sentient  and Semi-Sentient


Feral Hollows:


Combat savant: Vizards posses a natural affinity towards combat, violence, and destruction.

Magic affinity:
 Vizards  have a natural affinity to magic and all members of the are at least proficient at it.

Hierro: the natural defense of a Vizard

High Speed Regeneration 

Holy magic Resistance:
Due to be being mainly human instead of hollow, Vizards are more resistant to holy magic.

Near Death Circumstances: In some cases, when the Vizard is on the verge of dying, the Inner Hollow has been known to possess the Vizard in order to ensure it's own survival. When this occurs, the Vizard becomes significantly healed, as the Inner Hollow is substituting their body for it's own. In addition to that, they'll also see a massive augmentation as their powers become much more fierce, increased in striking power and more brutal then previously. And, with all of the adrenaline pumping in such a case, Inner Hollow's are generally their strongest  when it comes to using hollow powers  when their life is danger. As, they are putting everything they've got into protecting their well being and seeking to do anything in order to terminate whatever target has endangered their life and called for such a power to be unleashed into the world. 


Feral Hollow:




Feral Hollow:

 Feral hollows are the weakest and the most common out of all of the species within the hollow family tree.  Ferals come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn't exactly matter what size their bodies nor what color. However, despite all their differences they do all have at least one underlying factor that all Hollows have. Their faces are covered by a terrifying mask that is a major part of their appearance. A Feral's mask can range from a simple plain white mask to a mask that is covered in terrifying tribal patterns and horns that are sharp as spear tips. Some hollows can even take the appearance of lizards or dogs or similar sizes. Humanoid Ferals are usually a rarer appearance of Hollow too.Many young Ferals are usually terrifying in size,  which is used to scare opponents and completely annihilate their prey. However as feral hollow obtains more magical energy their tall stature begins to decrease until their as small as an average human, or even smaller.

Once, a hollow devours enough beings that possess large amounts of magical energy they surround themselves with a cocoon made out of magical energy and are forced into a state of dormancy until they are ready to complete their transformation. Once a hollow completes their metamorphosis their appearance drastically changes.More often than not, an Arrancar will emerge from their cocoon with a humanoid appearance.  Just like a Feral class hollow,  Arrancar can come in all shapes in sizes. However, there is one thing that they will continue to possess and that is their mask.The mask a  Arrancar class hollow  wears is never identical to the one they wore as a Feral class hollow, however it does posses a strong resemblance to their former mask. 



Feral Hollow:
Once a person has been infected and transformed itself into a feral Hollow, the being is usually driven by an insatiable hunger for devouring those that posses magic, in order to fill the void of hunger within them. Whilst some Hollows can become quite aware of their targets or "smart" in the targets they aim for, most  Feral Hollows will usually devour the first target they see, as their mindless hunger drives them to that point of desperation. Some, however, usually search for more potent or satiable souls and humans for them to devour. Whilst most Feral Hollows could be considered "evil" due to their unrelenting hunger and search for the eating of magic users, there are very few cases in which a Hollow might obtain peace of mind or maybe even "broken free" of those shackles. Feral Howls can grow traits such as loyalty, or sadness, happiness, etc. Whether this is done through spiritual methods or through time, learning to satisfy their hunger or being born that way - there are plenty of ways in which Hollows can consume their mindless beast attitudes, however remains a difficult task.

Government:  Due to the fact most feral hollows are mindless beast that can’t focus on anything but their next meal, it would be impossible for them  to create their own stable government. However, their are some cases when powerful Feral hollows have come together to create “packs” to hunt down bigger game, though examples like that are rare.

Arrancar Government:
Since the creation of the first Arrancar the Arrancar have been governed by a Monarchy, with its ruler being dubbed either a King or a Queen depending on their gender. This position however is not a hereditary monarchy, but one chosen through power; the monarch is simply whoever is strong enough to claim the throne through force. All of  hollow breeds are  subject to the whims of the Monarch, who has the first and last say in how their kingdom operates at least until someone kills them to take their place.

The abominations known as hollows were first designed on paper two months before their eventual creation, a group of human scientists that referred to themselves as The eyes of Osiris created them with the intent to create a human-demon hybrid that was on par with the strongest members of the Crusade.However, the foolish men were messing with forces of nature that their small egotistical minds couldn't even comprehend. After months of extracting and studying the unique Demon DNA, the scientists were finally able to create their coveted prize. A virus that would combine the DNA of the demon and the host, creating the perfect hybrid: or at least in theory. Using test subject with large amounts of magical energy the, the scientist injected the virus into their victims. After a month of experimenting with no success, the scientists were ready to pull the plug and give up. Maybe a genetically engineered union between humans and demons was never meant to be.

A week before the project was about to be scrapped, a test subject known as test subject zero transformed into what others could only describe as a Giant Wolf with a skull-like mask and began to murder people in droves.  It was disastrous. The beast devoured anything it could get it fangs on. The beast didn’t discriminate between friend and foe it just ate and ate and ate until the hunger inside in a vain attempt to appease the hunger inside of it. Once the hunger that gnawed at its belly was momentarily sated,  the Beast left the facility.

After the departure of the beast, the survivors began to transform into the masked beast as well. The facility was over overrun within hours, anyone who didn't transform into one of them was devoured. The hollows escape the facility and began to the planet killing or infecting anyone who they could get their claws on. Once their food source ran out the hollows then began to turn on each other. This happened for years and was only broken when a strong hollow known as Rockjaw ,a strong Feral class hollow, rose to power. With his innate command of the will of Hollows, he bounded the feral howl together under his will and named himself King. His vanity drove him to order the construction of his own personal domain. At first, his castle was barely worth noticing. Some ferals slapped together a derelict shack out of a ruin and called it his castle. The King was satisfied with this, and while he ordered the occasional expansion to house his loyal supplicants his castle was never more noteworthy than the shack it started as. It was only when a giant wolf like hollow challenged the King. The wolf hollow won the fight, but towards the conclusion of the fight, the wolf-like hollow was reborn as an Arrancar. This tipped the scales to his favor and he was easily able to kill Rockjaw.After his victory, the newly created Arrancar set his sights on the stars.  Using the technology the race before them left behind the King sent out hundred os arrancar and feral howls  to colonize the nearby inhabited planets. 

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Hollow Breeds   Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:57 pm

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Hollow Breeds

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