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 Apex 122

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Approved#1PostSubject: Apex 122   Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:14 pm

Name: Apex 122 A.K.A dracholmian warfare workshop planet
Habitable: no, spacesuits are required to go outside due to the noxious polution.
Terrain: plateau, though a good 95 procent is covered in factories.
Size: Medium
Population: 45% bylian dwarves 45% gloomshadian fiends 1% mifs and 8% humans 1% any other.
Location: Any

Development Thread: N/A

High Tech.

When the dracholmian government entered the vast lengths of space, they first came across a large planet dubbed 'apex 122', considering it was nothing but rocky tundras completely void of any animal species, creatures or even water. this planet seemed perfect to become fully industrialized in order to reduce polution on the dracholmian homeplanet. soon weapon factories were erected all over apex 122.

the government on apex 122 is under the charge of the dracholmian government. there is no nature, just cities for workers and industrial zones with factories. highways to transport materials from the extraction point to the many factories covering the planet. due to it's dense population and the fact factories were planting down factories one after another, there is but onw place to safely land a ship of any size. this spaceport is named the extraction point, it boasts 12,000 areas for ships to land, drop of cargo and transport civilians.

on apex 122 there is very little recreation and space for fun, other than the regular things like theatres, video games, arcades and other regular recreation things. there is no outstanding architecture other than the massive factory of the bylian arms company and the weaponry giant banisher. only those highly interested in weapons could plan a vacation to apex 122. there is no real army on apex 122, though mounting an attack on apex 122 would be a very very bad idea, considerign this is the place where most of the weapons are created, the fact there is only one place to land ships wich could very well be the heaviest secured place in the universe and that this is the planet where the bylian arms company is expirementing on their revolutionary flak cannons. apex is sourrounded by a massive barrier to keep out invaders, the barrier cannot be turned off and invaders, should they be so intent on raiding apex 122 will have to force their way into the extraction point.

Apex 122 has a few sectors and sub sectors, the sectors are determined by what is created there and the sub sectors are determined by their working manner:

Oasis: oasis is where all the medical equipment gets processed, alot of factories here are owned by ascension (the producer of next gen prosthesis' and mechanical augments and replacements for missing limbs) here medical science is being effictively combined with robotics and here is where the ethical aspect of science is taken the most serious (as opposed to most of the weapon distrubuters). oasis is purposely placed on the bottom of the planet should one be foolish enough to attack apex 122.

oasis 1: oasis 1 is focused completely on medicine, ranging from cures for lethal diseases to performance boosting healing items. they also manufactor sylvia's healing grenades.

oasis 2: this is where most prosthesises and augments get assembled, most of these creations are revolutionary feeling completely natural. here the robo surgeons get assembled too.

Fortress: fortress is the sector where the focus lies in defensive and heavy offinsive measures, fortress is where alot of assault vehicles and structural augments get assembled. the Fortress sector is heavily ocupied by Feline, Berserker and Grizzly as they are the main deliverers of structural augmentations, body armor, ships, armored vehicles and other similar items.

upper wing: the upper wing is where the vehicles are assembled ships, cars, tanks and apc's.

the core: the core is where ceo's and other vip's live, they are surrounded by armamenst factories and mercenary. the biggest name here is syvaenne wynrayley, one of the few half dragons known to exist, she resides close to the entrance of the building, serving as an extra security measure. she mostly researches to make armor thougher than the scaly hide on her back and legs. the residential buildings in the core are completely covered in the structural armor that gets created in the right wing, serving as a testament to the strength of the armor considering bylian explosives get tested on these.

lower wing: in the lower wing the lighter body armor gets designed and created.

left wing: the left wing is where the heavy armor (including the immortal raider armor) is made.

right wing: in the right wing, structural armor gets crafted. the strucural armor is very popular on buildings that are targetted by the hit and run attacks of the remnants of the moon elven and renegade elven empire. the armor can be applied to any material, it is worth mentioning that the underground section in the dwarven workshop is completely covered in this armor.

Luminus: luminus is the brightest sector of apex 122 since this is the sector where most of the energy weapons are created. any labourer in luminus is required to wear thick sunglasses and heat reflecting clothing. luminus is surrounded by light blocking walls to prevent the laser weapons from keeping the civilian sector awake. in luminus alot of computer work happens and the lethal death ray gets created.

Flashfire: in flashfire the focus lies in heated rays, here military flamethrowers get created as well as standard laser rays. the research here focuses on melting even the thoughest armor, but so far nothing has been found...

Pocketlight: in pocket light ammo is created, nothing else but batteries, energy tanks and laser bullets.

LED: in the LED sector all the coding happens, some simple coding others are revolutionary allowing energy weapons to inherit the effect of a magical spell while acting like other energy weapons.

Spellslash: here is where the energy weapons with arcane effects get produced, due to complex and complicatedcoding these weapons fire lasers that have added effects such as fire, ice, aging and more.

Arcanium: arcanium is where mages devise new spells for use in combat, support ,recreation and much more. arcanium is mostly occupied by banisher, seeking to make more magic based energy weapons due to their brutal efficiency.

Elemental wing: in the elemental wing, spells based on the elements get devised, mostly for combat use while powers like ice wind an earth can be used to affect the environment very well, the spells often get distributed in the form of tomes but generaly they get coded into energy based weapons.

Necromantic wing: the necromantic wing is where the vile, dark magic gets studied. the most popular spell researched on is one that raises the dead. though her is where the infamous death ray was created into a weapon of mass destruction.

Druid wing: the druid wing is the most harmless magical school. focusing on the manipulation of plants and winning the trust of mother nature. although things like charming animals and speaking to plants is something only certain races have some of these skills can be bestowed upon charms that go out against very high prices.

Dwarven workshop: the dwarven workshop is where dwarved do most of the work, tinkering new creative weapon designs and having them work. the buildings are modeled after those in bylyn and there is a huge underground section, mostly consisting of design workshops, factories and test courses though the biggest test zone is above ground there is an entire test zone sector for the dwarves to test larger weapons and explosives as well as factories and a small civilian area.

Deconstruction zone: the deconstruction zone, as the name implies is an area above ground suitable for testing bombs exceeding the strength of a nuke, and with the whole area covered in regen armor, nuke tests can take place 2 times on a month as the regen armor recreates the structure of the landscape. this also the area where long range guns get tested as well as vehicles.

The underground: the underground is the largest sub sector on apex 122, containing even smaller sub sectors, there is a factory section wich is modeled after the medieval bylian weapon factory, with magma flowing down some walls and the design of a castle, purely for decoration. there is a small civilian bay for the designers and small test rooms for short range guns.

The jungle: the jungle is the sector where the poison weapons get created. the whole sector was modeled after the rain forrests of chey'nis save for the fact that none of the trees are made out of wood, they're all metal and due to the amount of toxins and poisons being worked with in the jungle there is a constant green smog, giving the whole sector a wild vibe.

Bylyn jr: bylyn jr is jokingly named after the country bylyn in jeslore where the dwarves come from, the cities are completely modeled after the cities in bylyn, just smaller, hence the name bylyn jr.

The extraction point: the extraction point is the only entrance into apex 122. apex 122 is covered in a shell and over the whole planet there is just one tunnel to get into the planet, this tunnel leads to a massive harbor dubbed "the extraction point" the whole harbor boasts 12.000 areas for huge ships to dock, while mostly ment for transporting resources and items from apex 122 to jeslore and back.

The harbor: the harbor is the part in the extraction point where the ship lands and drops of the resources, data, money and so on and where the ships get loaded with all that gets produced on apex 122. here is also where civilians check into their stay and get appointed a place to live on apex 122.

The halberd: the halberd is the center of the law enforcement, this is where the officers and champions reside, big names that live here are Spectre the reaper ,Viktor the Bear and Klaut goldmantle the rest of the immortal leaders are either exploring the universe or wasting time on jeslore.

The hub: the hub is the capitol of apex 122, it's the city with the most recreation and is brightly colored for a city on an industrial planets, in the hub there are no factories or workshops, it's purely a place ment for workers to live 
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Apex 122   Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:33 pm

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Apex 122

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