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Approved#1PostSubject: Atlanteans   Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:59 pm

Name: Atlanteans

Homeplanet: Atlantis

Sentience: Sentient


-Eidetic Memories (for interesting things only)

- Magic

- Anti-aging (they do not age past 18)

- Tactile Linguistic Assimilation (Sentient Only)



-Easily bribed


-Easily distracted

-Their magic dictates how most would fight


Atlanteans vary in skin tone from tan to almost jet black. Atlanteans have long hair that is normally kept wild or tame at the Atlanteans discretion. All Atlanteans have markings of some sort on their bodies, they are bioluminescent and glow when wet. Most humans would compare the markings to a tattoo but the markings are inconsistent from Atlantean to Atlantean. The Atlantean males are normally taller at 6.2 ft (188 cm) while females are typically 5.8 ft (176 cm). Atlanteans always have a youthful look to them. As they stop aging past 18. Atlanteans 18 and up can be seen wearing a ring on any given finger.


When Atlantean reaches their 18th birthday a ceremony is held to reveal their magic type. Although all Atlanteans have magic. How the magic is expressed is based on four types that determine their job on the planet. Warriors are Atlanteans that have magic express themselves in physical merits. They are stronger, faster, and can endure a lot of physical damage with no problems. Most Warriors are tasked with protecting the cities, towns, territories of the people. While other help with a vast majority of physical related work. They are the largest cast on Atlantis. The second group are the Sorcerers. They design, study, create all the tools used in Atlantis. Their magic speaks thru the objects they create. They are the engineers, architects, and doctors of the planet. The third group are the Enchanters of Atlantis. While only one in ten Atlanteans are enchanters they are vital to the stability of the species. Enchanters are the painters, artists, psychologists, and playwrights of the Atlantean world. They provide the culture and ties that keep the species together. Their magic is one of the mind that allows the people to express themselves. The last and rarest cast of all are the Wizards. From the perspective of other magical communities a wizard is no big deal. To Atlanteans a Wizard is usually royalty. Wizarding magic is an abnormality where the magic can manifest in any way not related to the other casts.  Most Wizards are the royal family or their relations. While a long lost descendant from the royal line can manifest a wizarding power.

Atlanteans have a respect for life and would never kill for sport. War is avoided at all costs. So much that a veil is used to shield the planet from foreign entities isolating the planet to itself. To leave the planet is banishment to return next to impossible. Not saying that war is not impossible. For years the underwater Atlantean cities have been plagued by the Krakens. That’s why some Atlanteans never make it to adulthood. The species may stop aging but it still vulnerable to everything else. When an Atlantean pass away. It is treated as a celebration, a big feast is held in the Atlantean(s) honor. Crying during an Atlantean funeral is actually considered disrespectful to the deceased.

In terms of love and breeding Atlanteans are a free spirited people. Couples of the same gender are not uncommon, since having kids is a non-issue. Atlantean physiology allows one couple to have three babies at once. Female Atlanteans have complete control over their reproductive system. Allowing them to have children only when they wish. As Atlanteans do not age the thought of having children and overpopulating the planet is frowned upon. So Atlantean children are rarely born.

The bound or Atlanteans that have partaken in the binding ceremony. Are two Atlanteans that have sworn eternal love and never ending loyalty to each other (marriage).The two become one in soul and mind. Always being able to understand and feel what the other is feeling. No matter the distance. The downside is that if one member of the pair dies. The other experiences a pain some call worse than death. As the pair share a soul the living bound can feel a piece of them die. Warmth, happiness, and their very identity seems to die as well. As such most single bound cannot cope with the pain and end up killing themselves.

Atlanteans have a commerce system using currency called drops. 50 bronze drops equals one silver drop. 100 silver drops equal one platinum drop. A 1,000 platinum drops equals one gold drop. Atlantis does not have a poor problem. As making a living is not hard and the people work together as a whole. Although a difference in skill and magic can change how you are treated in life.


According to Atlantean history there were three people born at the dawn of time. Körper, Mente, and Ātmā the predecessor of life. Körper and Mente both loved  Ātmā with all their divine beings. Giving  Ātmā anything she could possible want. The two always trying to outdo each other created constant competition. Körper created the first Atlanteans beings of the body. Strength that was unmatched but as smart as a boulder. Mente not to be outdone created the second group. The first Enchanter's to treat the first Warriors as slaves. The Enchanters got too power hungry causing problems with one another. Even going so far as to mix a bit of Enchanter and Warrior blood to create the Sorcerers. Ātmā begged Körper and Mente to make peace between the creations. The two refused saying she must choose one or the other. Instead Ātmā chose to give up most of her divinity and become a mortal among the Atlantean people. Becoming the first Queen to unite the warring race. Mente left and isolated himself from pure heartbreak. While Körper jealous over  Ātmā created the Krakins to destroy the Atlanteans. Then went into an eternal slumber until Ātmā is brought back.

About 500,000 years ago an Alien race came to Atlantis, seeking to inhabit the planet and wipe out the natives. It was a brutal war that killed 70% of the population. Entire cities destroyed, families shattered, and friends left burning in the wake of destruction. As such the remaining members of the Royal family used their powers to end the war and drive the invaders back into the stars. The Crowned Queen Lapis Lazuli used her magic and her very life to erect a one way barrier around the planet. While Atlanteans may leave the planet, they could never return. Creating an isolist planet.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Atlanteans   Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:35 pm

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