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 Frolicking Fancies Galactic Resort and Casino™

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Gwynfyth Maedhbh

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Approved#1PostSubject: Frolicking Fancies Galactic Resort and Casino™   Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:26 pm

Name: Frolicking Fancies Galactic Resort and Casino™ (Frolicking Fancies for short)

Size: It is large for a space station.
Population: 10,000 - 100,000 (depending on patron traffic)
Location: Somewhere close to the southern edge of the Map between UNSC and AoK.

The space station houses myriad technological advances for the enjoyment and protection of those who call it Home away from Home. Perhaps the most noteworthy (in terms of non-entertainment) is IRIS, or the Intelligence for Resort and Interpersonal Security - an Artificial Intelligence programmed by the Resort's creator to both assist in the station's security, and provide information and respite to clients and patrons.

A large number of sectional stations house activities and entertainment from Atmosphere Rooms - capable of providing a group of people with a large variety of planetary environments and climates, to Sensory Recreational Dimension Hubs - machines that trick a user's brain into believing they are somewhere else entirely, down to the senses and sensations one would experience (100% Safety Guaranteed( Includes Interactive Game Versions)).

Frolicking Fancies Galactic Resort and Casino™ has only recently popped up. Much like its enigmatic proprietor, Gwynfyth Maedhbh, it suddenly appeared in a until recently unoccupied part of space towards the "Southern Edge" of the Milky Way. Gwynfyth offers nearly all denizens of the Galaxy a vacation spot free of political turmoil (enforced by a strict localized Non-Aggression Agreement by all who enter). Writing off the Demonic Crusade as "Uncouth, violent meanie heads", Gwynfyth has openly promised that any who ally themselves with the Crusade are barred entry.


On the outside the Resort looks like a large horizontally oriented snowflake; numberous "branches" spread out to provide a foundation to dozens of large atmospherical buildings and departments. At the center of the station lies the Hotel and Casino - two of the larger and more prominent locations. Dotted along the branches are a number of large interior docking spaces that offer space for ships of various sizes, and convenience for getting to where one wants to go more quickly. There are railed trams along these branches that also allow for quick travel between locations. Every so often, one can come across holographic billboards and advertisements showing off different products sold or activities offered. The most prominent of these locations is the Informational Network (think New York's Time Square).

The different forms of etertainment and recreation can be found on larger foundations across the station.

Important Structural parts of the station, including IRIS' Hub Cortex, Atmospheric Stabilizers, and Stability Matrixes, are found in a long pillar that falls down below the central platform.

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Daniel Almis
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Frolicking Fancies Galactic Resort and Casino™   Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:33 pm

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Frolicking Fancies Galactic Resort and Casino™

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