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 Lucian 1BS Dev Thread

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#1PostSubject: Lucian 1BS Dev Thread   Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:09 pm

Where it came from:

Has a side air fleet hanger for smaller combat ships to come out of. 
Headquarters and control panel is the front. 
Engine in the far back.
Supply crate room in the middle.

Matte Black Steel covering around the whole thing.
Shield barrier around it that can withstand at least one EMP blast. 
Engine/back has weakest area throughout the whole ship.

How it came to be: Jax met with Synth a month after making the Lucian 1TS but soon realized that all they have is an transportation space ship and not a combat ready one. So they both came up with the idea to make the Lucian 1BS, a unique type of combat ship that can take on ships with almost just one shot of fire. 

Weapons Ideas: 

Sheol, the idea for the weapon came from Star Wars The Clone Wars.
It's a massive laser beam that can target it's enemies from over 15 miles. 

Proton missiles which are mass-produced in Lucian that give up to small-medium damage to ships.

4 Ion cannons that can reach up to 10 miles of range.

EMP that has a 10 mile radius.

People involved in the making: Jax, Lucifer and Renny
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Lucian 1BS Dev Thread

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