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 Chapter 5: The Lucian 1TS

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 5: The Lucian 1TS   Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:07 am

Lucifer & Synth both got out of the tiny space ship that was a taxi for The Lucian Kingdom closing the doors behind them letting the taxi driver take off saying "Alright guys see ya" As the Lucian 1TS lands onto the ground into the air port, Lucifer puts his arm around Synth saying "See, this what I'm talking about. I knew you must've wanted that promotion" as he grazes Synths hair messing it up like a brotherly love. Synth saying "Hey watch it" as he smiles and laughs then saying "We are still working things but it was mostly Jax's work. You should be thanking him not me" As he says that the ship stops completely hearing the ship change into ground mode where it reveals it's wheels onto the floor then Jax walks out of it by himself. Jax walks down from the ships entrance to where Lucifer and Synth is, looking at Lucifer saying "Here, here's the key to the bad boy. I know how much you like ships, just thought I'd make myself useful and make one for you" as he hands the keys to the Lucian 1TS to him. 

Lucifer looks at Jax saying "You are the man..." as he grabs the keys from him saying "You said your name was Jax right?" Jax looks at Lucifer uneasy what he was gonna say after finding out his name was that. Jax then says "Yeah, that's me" Lucifer says "I'll remember what you did I promise you" as Jax starts to walk away he says "Yeah no worries man it's all yours" as he gets out of sight after that walking into a different room. Lucifer looks at Synth and looks back at the ship saying "I love it. I simply love it" after he says that, they both agree to go back to the castle at once and let the Lucian 1TS to lay there for a bit until they need it.

As Jax enter's the other room and closes the door behind him he speaks to Karlos about how he feels about meeting Lucifer for the first time. They both agree that Lucifer is an odd person but interesting compared to the rest of the people in The Lucian Kingdom. Karlos looks at Jax saying "Look what I found though, it was laying around in Lucifer's room for some reason" Jax opens up a box in front of him on a metal desk with a syringe and a baby demon corspe in it and says to Karlos "What is this man...Ugh. That is disgusting" as he closes it because it had a horrid smell to it like it's been rotten flesh sitting there for years on end. Karlos says "I have no idea...I've asked a couple of others around the village but they have no idea either" Jax points his finger up and replies "Ah. You should ask the local scientist here if anyone knows what it is, it's sure to be him" Karlos says in agreement "Oh okay, yeah that's not a bad idea actually. I'll do that tomorrow first thing in the morning then but for now just keep this between me and you okay?" as he looks at Jax. Jax says back "Yeah sure man don't worry I'll catch you later though I gotta go run and do some errands real quick I'll catch you later" he says after opening the door to leave. Karlos says "Alright, see ya then" as Jax leaves the room and closes the door behind him. 

Meanwhile at Lucifer's castle, Lucifer goes downstairs to where the cage is at and opens it up for Felix to get out. Felix walks out of the cage with the hand cuffs on. Lucifer then says "Let me just get you out of these and you can go ahead and get out of this place" as he took off the hand cuff's from Felix's hands. Felix feels the tense pressure from the handcuffs weight off of him and rolls up his hands cracking it saying "Thank you, I do want to say that I've been out of the cage 5 times already today without you noticing" as he walks pass Lucifer easily. Lucifer gives an unsure look at him as he walks pass him and says "Well then.. That was anti-climatic, I'm just going to act like that didn't even happen and go back upstairs" as he see's Felix go upstairs and leave the Lucian Kingdom. Lucifer begins walking upstairs as well and reaches the headquarters where he saw nowhere there at all. He looks left and right looking all directions trying to find at least one person in there but no one was seen.
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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 5: The Lucian 1TS   Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:24 pm

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Chapter 5: The Lucian 1TS

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