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 Chapter 4: Lucifer Against The Council Board

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 4: Lucifer Against The Council Board   Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:42 pm

Lucifer looks at Felix and says "You're right. Well, I guess put him in the cage until morning" as he walks off to talk to Karlene. Renny says "Alright then" as he picks him up once again by the shoulder and brings him to the cage locking him in there for the night. Renny closes the cage after he lays him down in there with no remorse then going back upstairs to the main castle. Renny gets an off setting feeling about Felix, that maybe we messed with the wrong person. Renny leaves the village once again but this time for an actual bounty. Synth starts walking to headquarters and approaches Lucifer as he's standing near the desk. Synth says "Sir, we have to go deal with that Kalon death at the council board meeting today" Lucifer looks up at him and sighs saying "Alright then, lets go. No time to waste" as they both walk outside the castle Lucifer says to the guards as he's walking away with Synth "Guys, no one gets in our out before I come back" the guards both say "Yes sir!" 

Lucifer and Synth walk from the castle entrance to the council board building heading inside as they know what to expect. When they both walk inside they're booed as they start walking up to their spot. They both sit down and the booing keeps going on and getting louder. Sar'Gos yells "Enough!" as everyone then hears him and respects his demand so they get quiet. Sar'Gos says "Council board is now in session" as he then knocks the gavel onto the desk. Sar'Gos asks "Are you taking claim of his death. That you were the one who killed him?" Everybody from the crowd silently looks at Lucifer for the answer. Lucifer looks at Sar'Gos and says "Yes. I am the one who killed him, for my own rightful reasons may I add too" The crowd of people there are in shock and all you hear is a huge gasp and everyone is whispering things to each other. 

Synth looks at Lucifer as he confesses and then back at Sar'Gos seeing what he will say. Sar'Gos says "Very well then. I see you told the honest truth up front. I shall not dare give you an even harsher punishment then what was decided knowing it's you" Synth stands up saying "Did you not hear the man? Are you of that age that you cannot hear what just came out of his mouth!" as he walks up to the Judge near the podium and starts walking back and forth looking at the crowd. "He is a man, but never the less a righteous man, for once in his life he can actually proof his worth and yet you stand tall against him in rebellion? Shall the pity of Kalons soul rests on our shoulders, we never meant to hurt the man but things were too far gone for that to be avoided. He did it because he needed to, your honor" as Synth gets done talking. Sar'Gos says "Killing someone is not a proving point, it's a bold statement saying that one cannot simply do the right thing. I shall give Lucifer one month prison time at the least, if you say anything else it'll be more. Meeting dismissed" as he knocks on the desk with the gavel loudly. 

Lucifer and Synth both walk out being booed out as well and once they get outside closing the door they both smile and Synth says "A month, that should be nothing for you" as he looks at him. Lucifer says in agreement "Yes, I shall do the time and then get out soon as possible to see this expansion of ours. Oh how big it'll be, it's like raising your own child watching him become bigger and bigger" Synth nods his head and they continue to walk back to the castle going inside of it. As they get inside they go down to the cage where Felix is at and interrogate him for a while. They find out all kinds of information about other factions and how he was messing with the houses power. He told Lucifer that he can help upgrade ships even better then anyone else can because he's a robot and he know's the best about that type of engineering. Once they were done with Felix they both decided to keep him down there for one more day for messing around with the kingdom but after that he can roam around freely like it never happened. However, one thing is for certain he has to help with the space chip building as he promised.

Synth and Lucifer talk for a bit in the main lobby of the castle but walks out because Synth says "Look I got something to show you, follow me" and Lucifer notices something in the sky as soon as they step out. Lucifer says "Hey whats that? Kind of looks like a ship from what I can see" as he points it out in the sky. Synth smiles while saying "That my friend, is Lucian 1TS, the transport ship that was made by Jax recently. I told him to start building it for a huge pay raise" Lucifer looks in amazement at it, saying "My god. It's amazing" as it lands in the air port near the kingdom. Synth replies "Wanna go check it out, maybe fly it a bit?" as he looks at Lucifer shocked. Lucifer says "Oh of course I mean we gotta check it out either way" as he starts walking in a fast pace to the air port with Synth behind him.Synth says "Can you calm down, my goodness your like a fat kid wanting candy we will get there soon enough" Lucifer looks back at him saying "I am calmed down I just like the fact that we now have a spaceship for transportation" as they keeping walking. They both get into a space ship that only hovers above right above the ground getting taken to the air port of Lucian.
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Chapter 4: Lucifer Against The Council Board

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