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 The Sigma Wars/The "Great War"

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Approved#1PostSubject: The Sigma Wars/The "Great War"    Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:01 pm

"And so the once prosperous races declared their existence naught"
                      "Thus began the Sigma Wars"-The Scrolls of the Five

No one can recall why the wars began,all texts before the war were destroyed in the chaos.The Imperium have preserved what little they could collect from the war torn libraries and fallen homes of once great cities.

The Sigma Wars also known as the Great Galactic War or "Great War" by the elder Varanus,was the most devastating war in the race's history.In a galaxy that has known peace for 300 years it was a shock to all factions to engage in war for the first time in years.No historical text can claim who began the war,who fired the first shot or who if anyone had a valid reason to engage in war.Many Varanidae scholars have made it their mission to decode this mystery and yet after more then 350 years they have yet to discover the surface.

The texts mention several major powers who engaged in the war namely:

  • The Solsas Technocracy:An technological nation that employed AI-driven armies

  • The Serpentum Confederacy:An alliance of Varanus colonies centered in Serpentum

  • The Empire of Tuhnn:An huge military power that was led by a warlord

  • The Flikr Hive:An insectoid race that employed bioweaponry that "assimilated" their enemies

  • The Xaerrian League:An union of Xaerrian colonies that dominated most of space with their fleets.

What began as a series of skirmishes between the Solsas Technocracy and the Empire of Tuhnn escalated into a full-blown conflict.The Xaerrian league had a defensive pact with the Empire and as such joined them.At some point the Flikr Hive took advantage of the chaos and spread their swarms into league space.

The Confederacy was a maritime nation when the war spread to their nation,famed for its engineering the Confederacy quickly became a target to the warring stellar nations.The Solsas Technocracy was the first to invade the Varanus,they quickly forced the local population to work in the captured shipyards and factories.Only after 33 years would the Confederacy push the machine armies of the Technocracy back.

"The machines crushed the civil defense force"
           "The Varanus were put to work,creating ships of war"
                      "Instead of ships of trade"-The Text Historack

As the war dragged on to it's 31st year the galactic economy fell into shambles as the war consumed every other nation.The Confederacy once prosperous on eons of trade now faces economic and social collapse.The citizenry demanded better conditions and living conditions as their cities began to decay.The Confederacy saw the opportunity to enforce mass conscription.They offered more rations and benefits to families of soldiers,they fed their war effort with billions of desperate Varanus citizens most of which were former traders,teachers,farmers and craftsmen whom never held a weapon in their lives.

"The Confederacy had their army"
   "It was one not of skill nor number"
      "It was one of desperation"
        "One of necessity......"-Confession of former Confederate Chairman

The Technocracy made the mistake of believing the Confederacy was unable to counter their occupation of the shipyard worlds.The first Confederate army engaged the Technocracy on Fa'rrak a important shipyard world,what followed was a long trench war as the Confederacy pushed the machines back one inch at a time,all while paying the price of thousands of soldiers per inch.Months of fighting passed before the Confederate Army was able to break the Solsas lines.What they found after was not the shipyards they lost but labour camps filled with the corpses of the craftsmen assigned there.

"The Technocracy decided that it would be logical to deny the enemy of their shipyards"
   "To deny them of their craftsmen,to deny them any chance to strike back"
       "To them war was but a calculation.......a means to a end"
              "*inaudible hissing*"-Front Captain Jee'rak

As the war dragged on to it's 40th year the nations decided on a galactic ceasefire,the leaders of all the major factions gathered on a neutral world to discuss the terms.The summit was bombed by pro-war terrorists and the factions blamed the deaths of their leadership on their opponents.Thus began the Second Sigma War directly after a month long peace.

"At this point the people forgot what peace is like"
   "The children would play soldier in the streets"
     "While their parents feared each day"-Unknown comment.

The Confederacy employed martial law,the freedoms of the citizenry was stripped away for their "own protection" and non-Varanus citizens were treated with suspension and fear.The Confederate Council was torn between those who believed that they should invest into winning the war and those who believed they should surrender to spare their worlds.
This was the first signs of the failure of Confederate rule since it's inception ages ago.

"The council couldn't decide on a action"
   "This has never happened before.ever"-Former Confederate Council member

The military of the confederacy grew in power and began to show it's displeasure in the failing democracy,this would later seed the rebellion that birthed the Imperium.
The Solsas Technocracy was the leading power in the war,however the War-AI that commanded the armies of machines soon rebelled against it's masters in order to push the war into a new stage.The AI set its armies upon the Flikr Hive who were unable to assimilate the soldiers of steel.

The AI then created cybernetic warriors from the defeated Flikr race.These cyborgs began to dominate the remaining powers,the Empire soon fell after a few weeks of conflict with the Flikr-Cyborg swarm.


The Remaining free powers were the Confederacy and the League who agreed to a temporary ceasefire until the rogue AI and the Flikr Swarm was defeated.

The Varanus and Xaerrian scientests and engineers quickly worked on building new weaponry to defeat a superior foe.
After a brief ceasefire between the remaining powers the Third and final Sigma War began.

The reluctant alliance created a technological boom that aided both powers in their defense.The Varanus invented several powerful superweapons...Weapons the Imperium refuses to use even if they had reason and means to do so.

The most prominent weapon was the Star Cannon.A weaponized dyson sphere created from one of the Confederacy's own Dyson sphere worlds.The cannon would devour a star to power a laser capable of tearing planets apart.This weapon would be both the salvation and end of the galaxy.

The Star Cannon "Fist of Sigma":

What followed is debated......All the texts say is that the alliance defeated the AI and the hive after destroying their capital world.Without the AI the cyborg-swarm had no leadership and fell to the armies of the Varanus and Xaerrian Alliance.However this victory had great cost,the Swarm rendered most occupied worlds uninhabitable and many other worlds were destroyed by the Star Cannon.The use of the Star Cannon also rendered many stars unstable which led to a galactic extinction event within the next eon

"The War ended"
  "And we were left with fallout of its fury"-Final words of Supreme General Mark'on of the Confederate Armed Forces

What followed after the war was a age of decay and sorrow until the rise of the Imperium,it's annexation of the remaining powers and its exodus from this dying galaxy.The weapons that brought destruction to their home was taken with them to prevent it's misuse.Whilst the Imperium planned to open a bridge from the new galaxy to this one to allow the remains of the citizens left behind by the ark to follow,failed with the disappearance of the frigate carrying the Arch-4 Wormhole Gateway generator.This failure plagued many of the older heads of state who ruled the Imperium.

The Exodus of the Imperium:

The final chapter in the history of the Sigma Draconus galaxy was written with the Exodus of the Imperium.The galaxy itself would slowly fall into decay as the stars would turn supernova within the next eon.Today many Varanus scholars wonder if life still persists in that war-torn galaxy.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: The Sigma Wars/The "Great War"    Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:13 pm

Forgive me for mostly skimming through this, but it looks good. Your lore doesn't suggest that you'll be building star cannons. Congrats, this has tons of detail.

Approved :D
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The Sigma Wars/The "Great War"

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