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 Chapter 3: Sent After Felix

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 3: Sent After Felix   Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:00 am

While Synth was working on some papers in his office, Lucifer enters the room calmly leaning on the side of the door entrance saying "How's everything going?" Synth stops what he's doing and looks at Lucifer replying "All good pretty much, just working on getting that expansion done" Lucifer puts one hand on his jeans saying "We are gonna have to pause that my friend, because we have an tiny problem here. Someone by the name of Felix is going around causing problems with my people's houses and I don't take problems lightly to my people. We gotta solve this today and I mean ASAP. Actually, where's Renny? Isn't he supposed to be here already, call him up here" Synth nods and picks up the phone starting to call Renny. He picks up the phone and they both start talking to each other through the phone. Then once the conversation was done Synth hangs up the phone and says "He's coming over right now" Lucifer replies "Now that is what I'm talking about, my boy Renny hasn't ever let me down and he won't this time either" 

20 Minutes pass by and suddenly Renny walks into the Synths office where both Lucifer and Synth are in, he stands by the door with his hands down to his side of his waist. Lucifer says "Renny, you have Felix's information right? So you can track this guy down once and for all" Renny looks at Lucifer saying "Yeah, I was actually already planning on finding him today so don't worry about it, I got it covered" Lucifer says back "Listen though, I don't want him dead at all okay. Bring him back in his full body this time alright? I need him for information he knows about other factions and I also wanna know how he is doing these 'tricks' of his" Renny nods and walks out the door saying "Oh yeah it'll be a piece of cake finding him I'll be going right now so I don't waste any time." as he leaves the room and closes the door. Lucifer looks at Synth sitting down on the computer and says "I'm gonna go talk to Karlene about this, see what she has to say about him. Give me a heads up if we catch him or not alright?Later" as he walks out of the room too making a peace sign with his hands. Synth goes back to working on documents and typing on his computer to research more stuff about expansion rules and laws.

Meanwhile, Renny gets on his all black horse nearby the kingdom starting to leave the village to find and kidnap Felix. Renny rides the horse all the way to Minor Faction areas in Lucian, he then stops and lets the horse rest a bit as he goes into the saloon to get something to drink and ask people there about Felix. Renny approaches the bar where there was one open sitting spot for him so he took it and sat down asking for a drink. He then looks to his side noticing everyone is looking at him like they've never seen a knight out this far before. When the bartender comes around with his drink Renny asks him if he know's or ever heard of Felix. The bartender says "No, but that guy over there may have heard of him" as he points to that guy sitting down alone with his gun on top of the table hes at. Renny looks back at Mufasa and then Mufasa says out loud "If your looking for Felix, he's definitely not here why don't you try looking in the next door kingdom, Asfar?" Renny looks at Mufasa with his drink in his hand and stands up saying "So that's were he's staying?" as he walks toward Mufasa and sits down at his table. Mufasa replies "Yep. Most likely to be there, that was the last place I ever saw him and that was recently. Say, what kingdom do you come from anyways?" Renny says back "One you don't wanna mess with, that's all you gotta know buddy" as he throws the drink behind him and gets up walking out of the saloon. Mufasa ends up following him out side and stays at the door watching Renny saddle back up and take off. He says to him self "Hm, what a odd person. I should go check that kingdom Lucian maybe that's what this is all about" 

Renny starts riding on his horse again all the way until he reaches Asfar's entrance. He then gets off the horse and puts it on a fence with a rope tied to it. Renny walks up to the entrance of Asfar and hears a mans voice from the top of the castle saying "In what do you come for traveler" Renny looks up at the guy talking and says "I come for a guy named Felix I got a bounty for him, wanted dead or alive unfortunately" The guard says "Oh!" as he then opens up the huge door to the entry of Asfar. The guard then walks down the steps to meet with Renny at the entrance inside, Renny approaches him saying "Let me just say that you need to just let me do my job and back off yeah sound fair enough? Good." as he passes by the guard with no intention for conversation. The guard is shocked at what just happened right now and looks at him as he walks right by him with no effort. 

After some hours of walking around Asfar Renny finally finds Felix in his house sleeping on the top floor. Renny knew it was his house because it had 'Renny' written on it with something unknown. Renny sneaks in through the top of the building by the chimney and goes down into the house in the living room. The falling sound was kind of loud so Felix moved a bit in bed changing his position. Renny says quietly "Goodness gracious I hate chimneys" as he walks slowly upstairs and then gets to the room where Felix was sleeping. He opens the door slightly making a creaking sound but t doesn't wake him up at all. Renny then walks up to Felix while he is in bed and says "Hey!Wake up!" Felix says "Hmm? Whats that?" as he brings his body upward rubbing his eyes. As soon as he did that, Renny punched him in the face hardly making him get knocked out in a single punch. Renny then brings knocked out Felix to The Lucian Kingdom to interrogate him for further information. As Renny gets back to Lucian, he brings Felix's body on his shoulder into the castle and throws him onto the floor in front of Lucifer saying "Well here's Felix, knocked out for sure but at least he's here right?"
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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3: Sent After Felix   Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:24 pm

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Chapter 3: Sent After Felix

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