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 Chapter 2: The Widow

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 2: The Widow   Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:42 am

Synth starts to walk down from the top of the castle and then walks to his office but something caught his attention before he went into it, it was Jessica. She was seen crying in front of the fountain in the main lobby of the castle, so Synth decided to go introduce himself and make her feel better. Synth approaches her and she notices him coming up so she sniffles and wipes her eye that is tearing up. He says "May I sit here" very mannerly and kindly to Jessica, she nods and he then says as he sits down next to her "Well why are you crying miss? What's wrong?" as he looks at her. She sniffles saying "It's Lucifer. He killed my husband and the king to the castle" He reassures her by saying "Oh that guy, he's a good guy, he must've had his reasons, I mean from what I heard he was trying to hurt Lucifer so it was protection to its finest you could out of all people understand that right? She looks at him with her make up all messed up from her crying and replies "I know... I just cant believe this isn't a dream or anything, I wish it was only that and not true" He offers her a napkin saying "Look, it was for the better lets just move on and forget about this whole thing yeah? I mean I might know someone who would perfect for you actually, if you desire love" She grabs the napkin saying "Yeah who then?" as she wipes her tears off trying to control her emotions. 

Synth smiles and says "Come on then, I'll show you who I'm talking about, he's a great guy you'll fall in love with him" as he stands up offering her his hand. She looks up at Synth and sticks her hand out as she gets up from the chair going with Synth to meet the guy. Synth and her make their way out of the castle and into the village going to a front door of someones house. Synth knocks the door twice and they both stand there waiting until finally someone answered the door, it was Karlos, the romantic who knows every single lady there in the village. As Karlos opens the door wide he looks at Jessica saying "My oh my who do we have here? Has synth come around and gave me the chance to meeting the most beatiful girl on the planet?" She blushes and says "Oh your too nice thank you" He then looks at Synth and says "Well come on in guy's it's freezing out there wouldn't want to be rude to my guests" as he opens the door for them to enter. They both walk in with a mind set of not knowing what's to happen next, Karlos closes the door and goes in front of them and brings them to the middle of the house where the fire place was lit.

Synth walks around the room looking at all the books Karlos has about love and romance stories. Synth says "Well, you do have a wonderful and plentiful supply of books about love, I'm sure I made the right choice about you then" as he then sits down near the fireplace. Karlos and Jessica sit across from each other near the fire place as well and he says "Yeah, I'm a keeper, a big sucker for love is what I am" as he looks at Jessica when saying that. She looks back at him not knowing if she likes his approach or not. She says "That's interesting to know because I am too" she smiles after saying that. Synth looks at Jessica and then at Karlos saying "Well, I must be going then, I have to fill out some paper work for Lucifer and the kingdom" Karlos says "Hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do, the door is right there, come back any time you want" Synth stands up and then leaves the scene closing the door behind him to go fill out the legal documents for the expansion. 

Karlos looks at Jessica as he gets up getting closer to her chair getting behind it laying his arms on it crossed saying "So what is a girl like you doing at a place like this hmm?" She follows him with her eyes until he's behind her and says "I'm a widow now with no one to love, my husband just died earlier" Karlos gasps saying "That is horrible! You know, I'm a single man myself, I could if you wanted to, be in a relationship with you maybe? I mean after all what do you got to lose" She looks up at him as he gets from behind her to in front of her chair and says back "Yeah I guess your right" Karlos then grabs her hand and kisses her hand gently saying "You've made the right choice I'll make that a promise" as she blushes, her cheeks start to turn red. She says "Good lord, you are just too sweet. I absolutely love it" as he then suddenly grabs her hands pulling her up then kissing her lips saying "I know you've must wanted this.. From the moment you walked in I saw it in your eyes" she pushes him off of her and says "Hey! We barely just met... Good lord have some respect will you" 

He shuns her and grabs her by her arm forcefully bringing her outside of his house while saying "You know what, your not worth the time. The whole village will be angry at you once they hear about how you talk bad to the King behind his back" She gets kicked out of the house, literally thrown out on the grass in the front of his door step as she says "Hey! You can't do this! I will get you back for this you know. Ugh!" as she picks up her dress covered in dirt she walks away upset to her guest house. Karlos closes the door on her as she walks away and goes back inside.
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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2: The Widow   Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:24 pm

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Chapter 2: The Widow

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