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 Chapter 1: Lucifer Takes Over

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 1: Lucifer Takes Over    Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:02 am

Jessica had came back from vacation that same day Lucifer put up the flags for the kingdom that is now his. She had got dropped off by a taxi man with an average middle class outfit on in the front of the castle entrance. As she gets out. she then starts to feel a strange feeling that something is not right, so she goes inside to see what that's all about and finds Lucifer in what used to be Kalons bed room. He's looking out the window as she enters the room having Lucifer look back at her noticing she's entered. She stops and stares at him with an unsteady look saying "Um who are you?" she says nervously. Lucifer smiles while turning his head back at the window and says "The better question is, who are you" She replies "I am the queen to this kingdom, I demand you to leave right now or else" He chuckles and then says back "Or else what? What can you do to me huh, with that fragile and weak body of yours. Hmph" as he then looks at her awaiting for a response. 

She says in a upset tone "Ugh! I can't believe this is happening!Guards!" she yells out from the door. He looks at her and the door for a minute waiting for someone to come by but no one comes. "Well, isn't that lovely. There's your proof your not in power anymore, so now you know. This kingdom actually belongs to me now, it's rightful owner" She looks at him worried and says "Where is my husband?! What did you do to him" Lucifer gets close to her putting his hands on both of her hips saying confidently "My lady, your husband is dead. I mean he wasn't very nice to me at all, I just had to put him down unfortunately. But hey, look at the bright side now you've got me in your life" as he says with a smirk. She pushes him off of her and says "Oh my god... You are a very cruel person! I don't want you!" she says then turns her back on him walking away quickly. Lucifer says "Aw is the queen upset, how rude of me" as he shuts the door because she left the scene. 

One of the guards has came to the room where Lucifer was at saying "Sir, there is someone of high status who want's to meet you, he says he wants to work with you" Lucifer looks at him replying with "Ah, l see well I'll be there, tell him to just walk to the headquarters room" The guard nods and says "Yes sir" as he shuts the door and goes back to guarding the front entrance telling Synth to go on in. Synth see's the other guard come back and opens the door for Synth to come in. "Please, come in. You've been granted permission, just go straight forward to headquarters he will be there shortly" Synth says "Okay then" as he starts to walk into the castle and walks to the headquarter steadily analyzing the place from head to toe. As he gets to headquarter's he see's a girl named Karlene there giving orders to another staff member then they both suddenly make eye contact for a bit and then she stops talking to that person and goes up to Synth. Synth smiles "Hello, I'm looking for Lucifer, he is here right?" Karlene says "Oh he's here but what's your name again? You look oddly familiar" 

Synth puts his right hand into his pocket and takes out a picture of Lucifer and Synth together when they were both younger and says "This might ring a bell maybe?" as he hands it to her. She grabs it from him and looks at it for a second saying "Whoa. It's you. Synth! Wow, you've become...Much more bigger and good looking" Synth smiles looking at her and replies "Well thank you. Yeah, mom always told me it was because of the milk but I never believed her" Lucifer walks up to both of them catching them in the middle of the conversation saying "Wow... Look at you. All grown up now huh, you've done put the big boy pants on haven't you Synth" Synth welcomes Lucifer with a hug, but he goes for a handshake instead and a bump to the chest. Synth says while laughing "Yeah I had to once I've gotten out of the house" Lucifer says "Look man, were grown men now, enough of that hugging and girl stuff, I am just completely glad that your back, I mean look at us, we are back in business baby" as Lucifer spreads his hands out almost like hes shrugging.

Karlene then walks away as she is excluded from the conversation going to the village to go do something she had to do. Synth says "Yeah, it feel goods to be back in power" as he looks at him. Lucifer then puts his arm over Synths shoulders and says "Come come, I've got something to show you" while he brings him to the top of the castle where there is a view to see the whole kingdom and many miles away. Once they're up there they both look out the horizon and Lucifer points to the mountains. "See that? I wanna expand this place as far as to those mountains over there by at least two months, once that happens, you get your first promotion" Synth looks over to Lucifer and says "It's very possible to say the least. Well, I'll have it happen then" Lucifer smiles looking at Synth saying "Great and oh one more thing yeah? Take care of this whole Kalon and Queen thing for me will ya? It's a mess I cannot clean up myself I'll say that right now. Real ugly" Synth says "Oh, of course yeah that too" Lucifer looks back at him saying "Awesome, well go do that I'm just gonna lay back and enjoy this view for a bit" as he then sits down on the chair looking out miles away.
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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Lucifer Takes Over    Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:22 pm

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Chapter 1: Lucifer Takes Over

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