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 Chapter 8: The Return of Anu Mau

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 8: The Return of Anu Mau   Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:43 pm

             Chapter 8: The Return of Anu Mau            

Two officers paced back and forward amongst the war room. “What is the last known location of the Asmodian Armada?”. Gordon Malik glanced up at Vice Admiral Koff. They were last seen leaving the Andromeda Galaxy. They been using new found magic to cover their positions. Unfortunately, that means we must physically see them to track them. Knowing their taking such actions to cover their location, Void Lord Anu Mau is with them.” Vice Admiral Koff sneered at that name. Both felt and looked like hell as they paced back and forward in the room. The room itself had been adorned with galaxy charts and military positions. These maps showed Demonic troop movement, Inquisition troop movement, UNSC troop movement, and the Alliance troop movement. “The issue is that without known information of the Asmodian armies massing towards us. We have zero idea when they will arrive!” Koff said as he spoke through his teeth.
“Patience, we must have patience. Vice Admiral Koff, these are indeed dark times but we must have focus. Till this day, we’re more advanced than the Asmodians. Our last conflict with them proved that.” Even if Gordon Malik sounded calm and looked calm. Deep within he is equally upset. “What of Lord Srox? How are her current affairs with Haven? We must forge an alliance with them before the Asmodians arrive. Not to mention we are currently building our new ship. They cannot interrupt the MC502S Battle Cruiser. We need more units guarding the station…” he paused at Gordon Malik raising his hand. “We cannot and will not sacrifice systems. You’re correct, they cannot know about the construction of our largest ship. 3,000 meters, our biggest ship and it will be a perfected weapon. Which is why even under the strenuous circumstances that send division amongst the officers, we must have patience. “The two officers were cut off by a knock on the door, “Grand Admiral Malik, we have gotten a message from Lord Srox. She has arrived at Haven and has begun communications. My Lord also sends her regards. Your plan using Nypherian code is working.” Gordon Malik turns nods his head in thanks. The Warrant Officer salutes and leaves the room.
Gordon Malik takes a device out of his front coat pocket and turns on a screen. The light of the screen blankets the room. Filling the darker corners and scattering among the plants that Gordon Malik keeps along the walls. “We have current plans to send a Dominion Fleet towards the system of Saskarth. There we can send another Armada to strike at Shadow Kin. Calculations are showing we will have Norma Prime under our control by the time plans finish up at Saskarth. The two Armadas will join and attack Toruga. With the overwhelming force, we aim to end this war before the Asmodians arrive.” Koff signed and never took his eyes off the map and detailed markings of the war plan. He looks back at Gordon, “If they arrive before the end of the war?” “Then we will be fighting a two-front war. Knowing Anu Mau, he will manipulate the Shadow Kin to join him.” Vice Admiral Koff turned around in frustration. They couldn’t risk a two-front war but thy also can’t see the Asmodian forces. Nor predict that they would be on the move so quickly. “We will meet in 2 weeks’ time, we will begin our Dominion of Saskarth. I will appoint you Vice Admiral Koff, to oversee things. Do not delay. If you run into any problems, deal with it, swiftly.” The both Saluted each and Admiral Koff left the room.

Within deep space, the Asmodian Armadas moved silently across the emptiness of space.  A thick haze floated around the massive amount of ship. A tall but large being sat in a throne. This being is different compared to the rest of the Asmodians on the ship. His skin was black as night, his nails seemed like talons as they tapped on the arm of the chair. His eyes were black as his skin and his teeth seemed demonic.  “So, Lord Srox is making a clan. How irritating and complicating it could turn out to be. She intends to recruit this boy named Elias and a few others.” He mumbled over the information he had received. He looked plainly at his fingers and continued to tap them on the arm rest of his chair. He knew Gordon Malik had a plan, he always had a plan. His fingers stopped and a fist formed. He had just received information through thought. He had a spy in the Galaxy giving him information. “Lord Srox intends to bring back Void Lord Taelonso Grim. I cannot ALLOW THIS!” he picked up his chair and tossed it at the wall. He snarled as his fists clenched. He knew the time would come and he will have his revenge on Seyfer and the Nypherians. Killing Lord Srox and Taelonso would only be a bonus.” He began laughing. The massive armada moved across deep space and off in the far distance, the galaxy could be seen.

Lord Srox came back from her trip. She wasn’t in the greatest mood but she got what she wanted. She had the artifact and she wanted to use it. She walked through the halls of the Mothership. She entered the room and Gordon Malik had been waiting. “Are you sure about this?” the only thing he ask her. She nodded her head as she knew they needed his help. “Out of everyone that has met Anu Mau, Taelonso Grim can help us.” Gordon hated the idea in bringing back Taelonso Grim but it had to be done. “Leave me, I have a ritual to perform. Seyfer won’t like this.” Is the only thing she could say to Gordon Malik. He bowed his head and left. The room she walked into had already been prepared by her. Before she had left for the planet and the annoying encounter with the child vampire. However, she got the artifact and that was all that mattered. Placing the artifact in the middle of the rune circle. The circle had been adorned with Void ritual markings that glowed once the artifact entered. She took out a knife and cut a small part of his thumb. Releasing a few drops of blood onto the artifact and waited. The artifact began to glow and release a small black cloud. The room began to shake and the cloud began denser. It took shape as a large person stood over the new broken artifact.

His eyes had a purple glow to them and his body had been smaller than what the books had spoken of. However, his height matched Anu Mau’s. His clothes seemed like they were of a mage. You couldn’t see his face but the glow of his eyes could be seen. He looked down at Lord Srox and never took his eyes of her. “You reek of him. Is Anu Mau alive?” All Lord Srox did was nod her head. “OK, child of Seyfer, when do we get to work?”

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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 8: The Return of Anu Mau   Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:19 pm

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Chapter 8: The Return of Anu Mau

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