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Approved#1PostSubject: Arbor   Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:12 am

Name: Arbor
Habitable: Yes
Terrain: 40% Landmasses covered in dense jungles, 60% Sea. The temperature ranges from 30-45 degrees on average. Constant Humidity.
Population: 6million Humans, several billion dinosaur-like species, billions more aquatic life forms and insects and mammals.
Size: Medium; 40% larger than Earth.
Location: 60 degrees. Two squares from Earth.

Development Thread: N/A

It is evident that the Forerunners once had a presence on this planet due to the existence of the now-disabled EMP Generator. This piece of Forerunner technology cancelled out any electrical equipment, weapons and vehicles all over the globe. The generator, which was described to be as large as a 50-story building, was later fortified by ONI for research purposes. The device is now surrounded by several fortifications placed by ONI to restrict unauthorised personnel.

UNSC Technology is present due to existence of colonists. Only one average-sized city exists on the planet. The city is surrounded and covered by a large transparent dome, capable of withstanding some heavy artillery, which effectively protects the city from the intrusion of any of the planet's native animals as well as invaders. The dome is surrounded by automatic UNSC air drones that make constant patrols around the outside. The dome features small "flaps" that open if entry into the city is required via drop-ships. The dome also features numerous "vents" that allow regular airflow from the outside world.

Furthermore, the entire top half of the dome is able to retract downwards in order to allow the city of receive rain, allow entry of larger ships and inhibit the greenhouse effect to prevent excessive rise in temperature in the city.
Frequent patrols are carried out by large battle-groups outside the dome to scout for resources, however most resources are delivered via dropships from other colonies for the time being.

The planet itself is also surrounded by a relatively small number of Orbital Defense Platforms, as well as a small fleet.

The planet was first stumbled upon by Spartan-157, Corsetta and Endymion when their ship was shot down during and engagement over the planet between UNSC and Scorpio forces. Upon surviving the landing, it soon became apparent to the three that the planet's atmosphere was irregular; the sky appeared to be red and "static" and Spartan-157's armour, along with weaponry and communications equipment ceased to function.

The three were forced to survive in the harsh conditions of the jungle planet and against deadly wildlife. After three days, they managed to locate the Forerunner EMP Generator, which was half buried inside a cave due to tectonic activity, enter it and disable the generator, which lifted the red veil from the sky and allowed technology to work again. They were rescued shortly thereafter.

The colony was documented by the UNSC and later, the first ships arrived to create a clearing in an area of the dense jungle for the first city to be established. The city itself was fully established within a few months. Resources are frequently delivered to the city from outside the planet, however it is expected that within a few years the city will be able to produce its own resources once adequate facilities are established on the planet.

Arbor's atmosphere is very Earth-like. The planet's surface consists entirely of dense jungles. The dominant wildlife can only be described as a "cross-breed between dinosaurs and dragons". Multiple other animals exist such as mammals similar to the ones found on Earth, large and poisonous invertebrates as well as mostly hostile aquatic life in the seas of the planet, as well as some large lakes. The planet is 40% larger than the Earth.

The planet's temperature ranges from 30-45 degrees, however it has been recorded to go much higher; up to 50 degrees during the extreme summer. The atmosphere is humid throughout the entire year, which is only increased via rainfall. There have been rare sightings of volcanoes and volcanic activity has been reported, albeit very rarely. The UNSC's science division located on the planet theorises that one of the planet's largest mountains may actually be a dormant super-volcano.

The planet is governed by the UEG and as such, is restricted and bound by their laws. Ever since it's colonisation, the planet itself has become a major producer and source of exotic fruits and livestock, which has made it one of the newest tourist attractions for external colonists but also a growing business district in its own right. However due to the high risk poised by the wildlife and erratic weather, the number of tourist visits is very low.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Arbor   Fri Jun 03, 2016 8:50 am

Nice detail; Approved.

The planet should be added in tonight's map update.
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