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 The immortals

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#1PostSubject: The immortals   Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:41 pm

my characters, the immortals. a bit of a crude drawing i know but it shall be replaced soon by a new version...but their names are: (in order)
Tower Charlot, the protagonist and comic relief. while he is similar in personality to bubsy with his lame puns and cheesy oneliners, these jokes are not ment to be charming and i specifically designed him to be annoying at times, wich makes him infinitely better (also he didnt star in one of the worst games of all times.) tower is the leader of the immortals, he shields his allies and focuses on helping his team advance, the electrical discharge from his weapon renders blocking about as effective as just taking the hit. in true leader fashion he is the tip of the spear.

Blaze Crimson, tower's best buddy. he shares the awfull sense of humor. his hobbies include making comments on his female allies, getting drunk, cracking puns only tower would find funny and meditation. blaze focuses on high speed close quarter combat and flanking. the flaming sword he uses scorches wounds shut and prevents the use of standard issue healing and regen.

Spectre the reaper, the mage of the immortals. spectre used to be a dictator waging war with dracholm but she was defeated by her enemy and the fresh team of elites, the immortals. but tower decided against her execution and wasting her almost divine power and recruited her instead. spectre knows no emotion, mercy or hesitation. her favorite means of offense is her aging spell that forces in a sped up aging effect wich is effective on all. metal will rust and wear in seconds while human opponents die from old age in a split second upon getting hit by her spells, her torture aura discourages any close range attackers from fighting any further and her wings can carry her out of battle to unleash a barrage of arcane death fronm above.

Viktor the bear, the guardian of the immortals. big, quiet and very intimidating, despite his agressive apearance viktor might be one of the kindest and lighthearthed individuals in dracholm (unless he is drunk), he spent most of his time sailing the seas around dracholm dealing with pirates and sea monsters. viktor uses spears and other hunting equipment on the battlefield, like many other giants he is not very fast or agile but what he lacks in mobility he makes up for in sheer strength. viktor's main draw is discouraging enemies from entering close range or dealing with flankers due to his high damage and extreme endurance. anyone that is strong enough to survive the immense strength of his hammer strikes will be flung back out of range.

Klaut Goldmantle, the utility expert of the immortals. klaut is the ambassador from bylyn living in linesse, despit his high up office rank he is commonly found on the battlefield, much like tower he feels that officials too should prove themselves on the battlefield. klaut was one of the first dwarves to seek contact with the above grounds when the dwarves were threatened by other creatures living underground. he brings an arsenal of versatile ranged attacks with him: his grenade launchers force enemies to dodge in order to not be blown up. he has several close range guns that can shred a target easily and several long range rifles that can counter any other snipers. his mines counter flankers.

Sylvia Roothearth, the supporter of the immortals. sylvia has had a long, dark past involving slavery, torture and sacrifices. she is very kindhearthed, though in combat, especialy to slavers she shows absolutely no mercy. she may be small and cute but she is also brutaly efficient. sylvia's main task is to watch over the health of her allies and pick of enemies at any range, she has high reaction speed and is the most versatile member of the immortals, being capable of completing many tasks on her own.

of these characters, only tower and sylvia will be used for threads due to their overpowered abilities. when grouped the immortals are pretty much invincible but when found on their own, one can exploit one of their flaws that oftenly gets overlapped by another immortal member. like sylvias fragile frame, towers low movement speed and one way defense etc.
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The immortals

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