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 The Resurection of the immortals

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Public#1PostSubject: The Resurection of the immortals   Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:54 pm

one night, on an undisclosed location there was a laboratory. it was owned by a defunct linessian company that was discontinued due to a schandal with test subjects and unethical experiments that went against nature. most of them were arrested but some of them escaped into this little planet where they continued to experiment on people they happened to capture now and then. one of their projects was resurecting the members of the old medieval champion company named "the immortals" who had saved the planet and possibly more with a selfless action. more than that they were highly skilled warriors. they have been working long on recreating the body of the most versatile member "sylvia roothearth" and they recreated her body, scars and everything with a 100% acuracy, it was her...

with the use of highly advanced equipment they were able to bring her back to life with memories that originate from several seconds prior to her death. she jumped up as the last thing she remember was getting grabbed by her frail arm and stabbed and nearly attacked one of the scientists. soon they explained to the poor girl where she was and what they did, it was odd for her to die and then wake up in an entirely different world. she was given SI rogue armor that was modeled after her original armor, given a grizzly light bow and a smoker in pistol format and sent to a training room, the training room had windows wich allowed the scientists to watch her use her fighting abilities, she was just as skilled as 3000 years ago and fought as if she never died.

"soon, when we resurected all of the immortals, we shall be able to return to dracholm and reinstall our company there..." one of the scientists said, speaking into a pc to his apparent employer who seemed very pleased with this news and replied. "good, good and when you have reinstalled your company...the renegade empire can once more lay siege on those filthy humans and our nemesis' the syiin illith. they will end up in chains once more!"

"yes, master we shall notify you when we have resurected charlot and...spectre..." he said to wich the renegade elf immediatly responded to. "do not dissapoint us...tiordyn, besides. our master wishes to know if the sylvia roothearth can be used for the sunshatter ritual...once our empire has been rejuvenated..." the scientist grins and says. "yes...this is the same one as 3000 years ago...we have abducted some of the most entitled scientists and mages to make this happen..."

the call went dead as night fell and sylvia got weary, the scientists may have treated her a bit rough but they did not abuse her...yet, that was for when the renegade empire has reincarnated much like herself. many years ago the renegade empire attacked and conquered the sunset isles and enslaved their inhabitants, a few of the slaves escaped to the nearby human continent of dracholm and asked the humans for help. the humans did not want to go to war again as they just had one behind the back, but shocked at the inhumane cruelty of the renegade elves they waged war with them and after many years and operations the renegade empire was vanquished, but they were just like a hydra and that war was only one of the many heads that needed to be cut off...

not too long later the other members of the immortals have been resurected and the scheme was ready to be executed in a few days...

sylvia and tower were sitting in the lounge while the others were training in the fitness hall, as she recieved a drink from one of the 'waiters' she noticed a small burnmark on his hand, she left tower behind for a minute to figure out what this mark ment and walked up to him.

"what's that on your arm...?" the young man cowered and covered his arm to hide it from her, it could bring him trouble if the management found out that he exposed their cruelty but she was persistent and grabbed his arm to get a better look at it. upon seeing the mark she turned red of anger and dragged to boy to tower who took one look at it and told the 2. "i've been suspecting these guys are up to something...sylvia, these men might be related to that dark evil elven empire that did those nasty things to your kin..." sylvia's anger increased and she almost yelled at tower "we have to do something! we, the immortals. we are freedom fighters! this is something right up our ally!" he sat up right and thought of something... "did klaut finish his vehicle training yet...? he might be the only way to get off this planet..." the two walked to the fitness hall to see the other 4 members of the immortals and tower spoke. "klaut, you finished your pilot training yet?" the dwarf shot the last bullet in his clip at a training board and turned to the knight. "aye lad, who would you be asking?" the knight looked at the others and casualy said.  "i hope you all have some ammo or whatever left from this training because we've been fooled pretty badly, these 'waiters' are slaves and this little organization is looking to weaponize us against the dracholm government..." all of the warriors in the training hall were fired up with anger, especialy blaze crimson who attached much more value to honourable acts than other members. the woman in purple robes began to speak. "i assumer we're not letting this happen tower...?" to wich the knight chuckled "why do you think i asked you guys if you had any ammo left...?"

of course this didnt go unheard, and the chief scientist knew he had to leave the planet, now. he rushed to one of the smaller ships while calling to his renegade employer while the immortals began their siege from inside. "master! they have found out what our intentions are!" and the employer replies with fury..."what?! why did you not install self destruct tasers, you fool!" "they were to be installed before attacking dracholm, my master!" "ugh, you IMBECIL! COME TO OUR HEADQUARTERS!...we'll figure something out...plenty of demons, monsters and heroes left we can weaponize..." before heading to an escape ship, the scientist rushed into the lab with the resurection machine, placed a bomb under it, grabbed the schematics for the machine and a small device and once he got out of the lab he saw spectre, the necromantic mage of the immortals standing in the hallway, she wanted to cast a spell with her magical amplification suit but failed as the scientist used the device and her suit was turned of for several seconds, allowing him to escape the science planet.

meanwhile, tower and blaze kept cracking lame puns to eachother as they freed the slaves from their cells while viktor and klaut were looking for a ship large enough to transport the prisoners in, while raiding, sylvia found the coordinates for their homeplanet and klaut put them into a gps, and they took off. what started as weaponized heroes ment to bring back the cruelty and standards of the old renegade empire turned into the greatest freedom fighters of dracholm returning to bring justice back to their planet and ultimately the whole galaxy.

they landed on a planet that they didnt knw as the fuel for their ship was low, they landed in a beautifull modern city (though sylvia didnt seem to like it) that happened to be the home of these prisoners, 4 of the immortals stayed in the ship while tower and blaze went out to find fuel and perhaps someone that could give them a pointer as to where they are...
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The Resurection of the immortals

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