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 Void Magic Lore & Current Void Lords

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Approved#1PostSubject: Void Magic Lore & Current Void Lords    Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:28 am

Known Ancient Void Letters

There has been a tradition that has been going on for a very long time. The term or phrase “Dark Side of Magic” came from the hatred of Void Magic. The practice of Void Magic is considered a religion and a source of meditation. The one being who started the use of Void Magic is the first Void Lord, Anu Mau. He is considered the father of the practice. His anger and need for power is what made him create the many stages and forms of Void Magic. The history starts off on the birth of Anu Mau. The Void itself gave birth to him, wanting and craving the balance of power. During this time, the current power, are the Asmodians. The use a more ancient form of magic. This magic is called, Ifa. A purer form of magic that Anu Mau wants to devour. In response, he created Void magic.

Thus began the cycle of Void Magic. Void magic began to split into many different clans. Each clan had their own opinions on how Void Magic should be used. Each clan normally focuses on specific portions of the Void Magic. Each clan then has a belief in how their magic should be used. These abilities consist of Nature, Blood, Void Electricity, Black Magic, and illusion magic. Each clan is based on their own ideas on how to use that magic. This leads to infighting between clans because of different viewpoints. This had led to many wars and infighting between groups. Many of these clans had destroyed most of the culture after the constant wars. After the last of the Void Lords had died during the Second Universal War. Only their culture and writings were left after the war. All their work had been labeled as taboo. Their work had been sealed away so that no one could become a Void Lord Ever again.

Within the time frame of the Nypherians entering the Milky Way galaxy, Atir Bat Yishal had become the new Void Lord. However, she had a different view point on how the Void Magic should be used. Walking towards a neutral path on the use of Void Magic.

There are only two clans at this moment. Clan Deaxohn and Clan Aevoabar. The rule of Clans is to kill each other on sight. No clan shall exist in the same room or Planet. Each Clan is known to teach the use of Magic differently. This is based on the current Clan leader or council agreement. Clans are also known to be good or evil. There are very rare cases that Clans walk the middle path and tend to have both characteristic. This is because of how unstable Void Magic can be. Void Magic itself will play on the emotions of the user if not kept under check. Each Void Magic categories influence your body and mental status. This is done by how you use the magic and what your emotional status is during the time. If you’re angry, it will drive you insane. Thus, making the user to be more violent. If the Void Magic is used peacefully and for good. It will have an effect that will cause you remain blissful. This in term can remove certain emotions. Reducing you to feel certain things. If you do, however, get angry or sad. It can or will cause SEVERE depression that can lead to suicide. This is because of how the body can’t handle anger or sadness.

This sadly, is one of the reasons that are now only two clans left. Deaxohn, who are the middle ground. Aevoabar, who are towards the angry side of Void magic. This is one of the main reasons why "Void Branding" came to be. The idea of Void Branding came from Void Lord Vandrogen. The literally brand yourself with ancient Void Markings. These markings would help balance out the magic in your body. The idea is that it could control the emotional damage and make sure it never happens. However, there is a nasty side effect to it. The Void Clan leaders have their own versions of markings. In a way, it is a way of placing their own idea's of how to use the Void onto their underlings. The branding would be done through ritual of Void Magic. The branding literally feels like you're being branded. After the ceremony, the branding would vanish but reappear each time you would use Void Magic. A painful reminder of the oath you took.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Void Magic Lore & Current Void Lords    Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:14 pm

Right, I forgot to approve this a while back. Void magic is cool and awesome.

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Void Magic Lore & Current Void Lords

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