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 Chapter7: The Rise of Lord Srox

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Private#1PostSubject: Chapter7: The Rise of Lord Srox   Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:24 am

“My lord, with the approval of your squad. Do you have people in mind?” Gordon Malik said towards Lord Srox. Within the room in the Mothership that hovers over Spire. The Grand General, Grand Admiral, and the newly appointed leader of the Nypherian Empire discuss political matters. “I have a few in mind. I am currently having them being watched and secretly training one of them under the noses of the Alliance.” Malik laughed to himself, indeed their new leader is something to be feared and respected. Since her new title, she had made new rulings and orders. Most of them had been focused on bettering her people. Giving the “thumbs up” for new technology is the medical field. “How are thing within the newly taken system?” Lord Srox asked the two officers. “Everything has gone according to plan and the invasion had begun on the enemy planet. Norma Prime is under constant fire and the Navy has complete control of the sky’s.” Malik had said. Lord Srox nodded in approval as her hunger for Lana only grew.
                “I will let you two go for now. I will meet with the senate and I want Jim Vankor leading the charge and I want you, Malik. I want you to go to the new station and over see our new project.” Malik was only taken back for a second. “Are we ready to start work on it?” Lord Srox nodded her head. She motioned her hand for everyone to leave. She made her way to the hangar and it is lively as ever. Everywhere she went the soldiers and Nypherians saluted her as she went by. The ship she boarded is for Officers and Warrant Officers only. The Warrant Officers stood in attention, nervous at making the simplest mistake around her.” Remember, our Empire is counting on you. Warrant Officers like yourselves are an important cog in the wheel of success.” That was what the ride was like to Chyke. Listening to question and answering questions.

            Once she landed on Chyke she made her way towards the Senate. As tradition, the transfer of power had to be done through the Senate. Officially she is already leader but by tradition, she must go through the senate to become the leader, fully. The district had changed a lot since the attacks by Lana. She passed by a memorial of the loss of life since the attack. Her eyes turned bright yellow as she clenched her fists. She turned and walked away, “I will have your head, Lana”. Upon walking towards the Senate, she made her way towards her own seating arrangement. She knew she would have to get involved with the politics of her Empire sooner or later. Today’s topics is the Coronation and the debates about the Demonic Crusade.

                   “We’re here to celebrate our freedom from Seyfer. Void Lord Srox will be the one taking his place as our leader. Today is a day that we will remember and cherish. We’re here to begin our Coronation of Lord Srox as our leader.” The Senate leader began tradition of old rules and speaking of the past. At the end of the Coronation and Lord Srox officially by Nypherian law, she is considered the Leader. Now debates began about the Demonic Crusade, it became a nightmare of debates. “They’re not our problem, our enemy is the Darkness!” “They work with Lana, they’re equally as responsible as the Darkness!” “Why waste our resources in a war that doesn’t involve us!?” “We should be fighting with the allies!”. Indeed, with some many opinions and viewpoints, things didn’t look like they were going to be solved. Lord Srox only listened to everyone’s opinions. She agreed with almost everyone and she wasn’t about to send so many resources fighting another war. They’re already invading the Shadow Kingdom. “May I have the floor? I have a possible solution.” Her voice instantly silencing the senators.

              “We don’t have to send our forces into battle. We can create a strike team to do the assault while we’re at war with the Shadow Kingdom. We create a squad of recruited individuals, the we find all over this galaxy. They will be part of the Nypherian Empire, acting within our interests. They will serve under our laws and with our people in mind. They will fight for others within this galaxy when all hope is lost. I, Void Lord Srox, will lead this group and together we will fight against the Demons and make sure that they remember our name!” Her words were met with applause and approval. The Senators voted in the new squad and a new name had been written down. The Name of the squad is Deaxohn. Part of the old Void Language that means “Demon Slayers”. Once she had left the Senate Building and began making her way back to the hangar. She could feel Elias learning more and more about the Darker Side of Void Magic. She always had been fond of his power and natural talent of the use of magic.
            The issue is Kittania and her insistence of needing Elias to “Accept” the light. She found it mocking and abhorrent how Kittania tries so hard to change the boy into a source for “good”. “There is no such thing as good or evil. All of them are created by the weak. Cowards needing to label and hide from the truth that real power exists.” Mumbling to herself.  However, all she had to do is slowly influence him at the right times. Kittania’s foolishness would catch up to her sooner or later. Her childish emotions and seemingly to overreact would work in her favor. She knew that on day the Void Books would be found and this would be a turning point. If she reacts harshly towards Elias reading these books, it will only fuel his rage and support her words that she had been telling him.

             She soon boarded her ship and returned to Spire. There, she returned to her training room, and there she began her meditations. She closed her eyes and focused the energy around her. Red flurries of energy spun around her body. Within a matter of minutes the room changed and she entered the “false” world to begin her training with a new Void Lord. Her eyes opened and she found herself back within the ruined world. She took a deep breath, “Come”, a voice said off in the distance. Following the voice that had called to her. She makes her way through the ruined city once more. The temples had changed and everything had become different after a while. The Whillis had changed the world to fit her training needs. Once entering the specific temple, killing the monsters within, and finding the chamber room. She began her training with the Void Lord Noyût.

              Her training consisted of learning new Void-Saber techniques and learning how to destructively control energy. Her blade skills would only increase and her hunger for more had grown. She trained for years within the World. Though, it may have been years within the world, but in the Galaxy where her body sat meditating. Only an hour had past. Within the temple, she fought her master. It is a spar but they connected their attacks like they were trying to kill each other. These forms were considered “effective” to Void Lords. The learning of this new blade technique was hard. It soon became easy and second nature to her. Once she became accustom to the skill, mixing the user of Void Magic became easier as well. Once her training had been complete with the Void Lord, she opened her eyes.

             “I can feel it…” she mumbled to herself as sparks of red electricity shot all around her. The bolts of electricity struck the walls and left large scorch marks. She smiled as her training with three Void Lords had begun to payoff. The power of Void Magic had slowly begun to grow and grow. Walking over to the desk and picking up a list. There were three names on the list. Elias’s name is upon that list. The other two were people she is currently watching and planning for their meeting. “All hail the Empire..”

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Private#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter7: The Rise of Lord Srox   Thu Feb 16, 2017 12:13 pm

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Chapter7: The Rise of Lord Srox

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