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 Chapter 5: Power of Many

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 5: Power of Many   Tue Jan 31, 2017 3:38 am

Chapter 5: Power of Many

Times had been changing within the Nypherian Empire. Within the planet of Chyke, there has been a shift of power. The Nypherian machine has agreed to let the people be the ones to give the orders. With the talks between Generals and Naval Officers, a Senate has been formed. People have been picked from the species that live within the Void and moved to Chyke. A government district had been formed, along with a larger military presence on Chyke. Like the rest of the planet, the district is clean, and mostly has military personal walking around. Civilians are allowed during Senate meetings to watch or participate within certain procedures. Some of the Naval Admirals had docked at the nearby stations. Grand Admiral Gordon Malik and Vice Admiral Koff were walking and talking. “Has the transfer of power been peaceful?” Koff asked Gordon. “Things are moving steadily but there has been much outcry from the old machines. They still see organics as weak and inferior.” Koff pandered about why the old machines had kept to their old ways. “You think it will lead to something…more” Gordon glanced at Koff and looked away. He had a point even if it was directed as a question. “Leading to something greater? Yes. A possibility. However, now it is only chatter. 70% of the Nypherians are for the transfer of power. Most of them are all New Machines. Some of the old machines that have been convinced of such actions that must be taken.” Koff silently agreed, actions must be taken in the ever-evolving culture of the Empire.
             The wind is calm and the flowers were blooming on the newly planted trees. They lined the pathway towards the Senate building. A large dome like structure that is meant to house all 100 senators and others that wish to participate. Gordon Malik let his mind wander, “How do you think the Senate will vote on the Demons?” Koff’s question snapped Gordon Malik from his thoughts. He let out a long sigh, “It’s hard to tell. Now, most citizens are voicing for revenge on the Darkness. Blood for Blood. I say I can’t argue with their opinions as the act done by Lana has angered many. I think the Senate will hold off on the partaking of fighting the Demons and vote on the invasion of either Tortuga or Norma Prime. I can promise you this, we will have our revenge.”. Koff kept silent as the war with the Asmodians had taken many lives already. The thought of another war isn’t something he wanted to jump into. “What of her?” Gordon Malik stopped and looked around. “Not yet, we don’t mention Atir at this moment. I have given her instructions on how to proceed next. We have to make sure we lead her to Haven.” Koff was taken back at Gordons reaction but understood it. The idea of the Nypherian Empire funding a known terrorist group would be bad for their reputation. The two finally made their way into the Empires senate building.

               The building by itself looked like a large dome. However, inside it is like its own city. A bustling community of different species and residents are walking around. Planted trees and waterfalls have been placed to give more of an atmosphere. Warrant Officers and Officers from both the Army and the Navy are walking amongst the senators. Everyone smiling and talking with each other. Very soon everyone filled within the senate and taking their seats. Everything was once cheerful and open. It now turned serious. “Order! We are here to commence talks of possible war efforts against the Demonic Crusade!”. Vice Admiral Koff and Grand Admiral Gordon Malik had their own seat. “Things will shift away from the Demons. Our focus will be towards the Darkness. The Senators will be pushed by their people for the revenge of Chyke. “ Koff could only agree. Though, he wanted to fight the demons and not the Darkness. There is a war being fought between the Allies and Demons. The Nypherians weren’t taking part in this because of blind hatred towards the Darkness. All Admiral Koff could do is scowl with disapproval. The two admirals thoughts were broken by yelling and disagreements.
“We should help the people in need against the Demons!”
“Why Bother! They’re no concern to us! We should slaughter the Darkness for what happened on Chyke!”
“Are you all insane! We should only focus on our needs and forget the conflicts!”
                 Gordon Malik could only shake his head. He wondered why the Nypherians let go of their power base and gave it to the Void Citizens. “The Senate is pointless. We will get nothing achieved. They will banter and yell at one another. Not even concerning themselves with the fact that lives are at stake. “What do the other Officers think of the Senates non-actions with the Demon Conflict?”. Those words stung for Gordon Malik to hear coming from Admiral Koff. He had to choose his next words, carefully. “Actions are hard to take, even when we lack certain information. Though, in this situation. We don’t lack any kind of information. Our probes are watching the battle unfold but we have our orders not to get involved.” Gordons words were cut short by more yelling within the Senate.
“The Darkness is our enemy! We have no true quarrel with the Demonic Horde!”
“Hold our non-aggression pact true!”

   It was beyond obvious which way the senate is going to vote. Even though it was not the choice the two Admirals had wanted, still the Senate did push towards what they wanted. A war with the Darkness but at a cost. The Senate is willing to let the other species fight and die, while they hunt for revenge. Gordon Malik and Admiral Koff walked out of the Senate building. There a Warrant Officer had been waiting for Grand Admiral Gordon Malik. “Report” Malik said as the Warrant Officer handed him the document. “As ordered, all new regarding your project is here.” The Warrant Officer saluted and walked off. Both Admiral Gordon Malik and Admiral Koff step to the side to open the file. They went over the contexts of the document and both smile. “Everything is going according to plan..” Gordon Malik said as he smiled at Koff. On the bottom of the first page it said, “Atir has engaged ONI server center.”
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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 5: Power of Many   Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:17 pm

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Chapter 5: Power of Many

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