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 Chapter 4: The Fall of Ammit

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Faction#1PostSubject: Chapter 4: The Fall of Ammit   Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:32 pm

The battlefield lines had been drawn. 2 miles out from Asmodian HQ, the Nypherians had created a line of trenches. The Asmodians and Nypherians had begun exchanging fire from their respected lines. Zanya could only get a few shots off occasionally. Her new squad had less Warrant Officers and more Nypherians. The HQ had been surrounded in the time they had built their own set of defenses. Nypherian tanks along with Nypherian soldiers fired upon the defensive lines of the enemy HQ. The assault forces are also being supported by artillery and missile support. On the Monolith, the two leading generals were watching. Lieutenant General Savarax never took is eyes off the 3D map. His fingers tapped on his elbows as he became more and more impatient. “Tell Grand Admiral Malik to fire support!”. Mel’Lith laughed and Savarax glared at her. “You know its danger close. The Grand Admiral won’t chance it. We have to solve this on our own.”, Mel’lith added. Savarax growled to himself but he remembered. “Do we have MB5443 Silhouette’s? If we have some within our invasion force, we need them along with the Walkers. Send out the orders!”.

              Gordon Malik had been watching from his ship that hangs over Spire. The Mothership had been receiving battle updates and all other Naval Officers had been ordered to pull back but leave a Naval occupation on the planet. He held a pen within has hand, twirling it with his fingers. He had been watching the war twist and change before his very eye’s. He no longer had his Warrant Officers constantly bring him files. He decided to tap into the 3D war map that Savarax is using. Indeed, the battle was hard fought but now begins to slow attrition war. How long could the Asmodians hold out? They had been surrounded. He wondered what Ammit is planning and at the same time, he wondered how long this standoff would last. His eyes shifted to the large Nypherian forces moving towards the HQ. He smirked, “It seems Savarax is still the impatient person. He wants to break through with brute force. I hope things turn out the way he wants it to go.”. He turned off the map and shifted towards a file that is listed as Confidential. He smirks to himself as this folder he had been waiting for.

                 Within the front, Zanya and her squad had been firing and taking fire. The magical rounds striking the dirt around them. Causing dust and pieces of dirt to scatter everywhere. Zanya growled in annoyance but one of the lower Warrant Officers came behind her,” Ma’am! Walkers and MB5443 Silhouette’s are on their way. We have to hold here and wait for heavy support fire!”. Zanya leaned over to the Warrant Officer,” Hold Here!? Yea, we been holding for 5 days! What’s five more minutes!” she said in a mocking tone. He went back in firing but a magical round struck the Warrant Officer behind her. She quickly looked back and saw the dead messenger. She shook her head and kept on firing. She wanted the support badly as this standoff was getting annoying. Lieutenant Colonel Heross jumped in to the trench next to her. “Status update Warrant Officer!” he said with a booming voice. Zanya was a bit taken back by the sudden voice behind her. She looked back and her CO was firing his gun behind her. He took out a few peaking Asmodians. “It’s a stalemate sir! However, the poor bastard on the floor next to you told me an assault wave is on the way.” Lieutenant Colonel Heross understood as he kept on firing his weapon.
                Tanks moved slowly over the trenches as large plasma bursts shot over and struck the walls of the enemy HQ. Many massive explosions took place as the tanks now firmly began to push. Nypherian soldiers jumped out of the trenches and began to fire. The push is on as walker support finally arrived. Their massive cannons tore through the enemy defensive lines. The Nypherian forces now were upon the enemy trenches. Kill anything they laid their sensors on. Tanks barreled through the walls of the HQ and only moved up a few feet. Heavy Asmodian fire kept them at bay. Nypherian forces had reached the walls and began to move in closer. Gun fire and magical projectiles were now being exchanged from within the HQ courtyard. It was now obvious to Zanya that the Asmodians never built this. The people who use to live on this world had built this HQ. She could see their skeletons littering the courtyard and their tanks that were still smoldering. All she could do is keep firing and pushing into the courtyard. With the Nypherians attacking from all sides, the Asmodians had become overwhelmed. Nypherian forces had begun to pour into the courtyard and down the stairs. Ammit had jumped out from the higher towers and landed into the courtyard. Zanya stumbled back as Ammit landed in front of her. She placed her sniper rifle on her back and picked up an Assault Weapon that was laying on the ground. Ammit glared at her as he towered over her. Ammit began to swipe at her, trying to cut her in half. All Zanya could do was dodge and avoid his attacks. With each swipe, a large gust of wind would pass by her, and she never could get a chance to fire at him. He stayed on top of her and made sure that she was always on her toes.

                Soon, he began to try and bite her. She rolled back and avoid every bite that came her way. She soon got tired of Ammit. With the last bite that came at her. She tossed a plasma grenade into his mouth. Ammit stopped and swallowed the grenade. All Zanya did is raise her left hand to show a pulled grenade pin. Ammit looked shooked, “You filthy…” the upper half of his body exploded. Sending guts and blood in every direction. “Pathetic.” Zanya said as she walked over the dead body of Ammit. Very soon the HQ had been captured and Thoth along with it. The planet had been secured and victory had been achieved. The sounds of war had silence and reports of some of the planets inhabitance had survived. There is only a few thousand of them left. Within the Monolith, Savarax went over the reports and he smiled. The war ended in victory and he also is going over the Warrant Officer reports. He stopped over Warrant Officer Grade One Zanya. The reports said that she had killed Ammit and lead many squads to victory. He smiled and he handed the file to his Warrant Officers. “Promote Zanya to Grade Two, for war time achievements.” He said as he walked off the Command Center.
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Faction#2PostSubject: Re: Chapter 4: The Fall of Ammit   Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:29 am

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Chapter 4: The Fall of Ammit

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