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 The Korodin Bloodline

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Approved#1PostSubject: The Korodin Bloodline   Sat Jan 28, 2017 2:02 am

The Demons have always been at a conflict of one type or another, if not at war with the angels, they are at war with the entire galaxy. There is always this notion that demons are feral, animalistic, only there follow the order of their masters, the archdemons, but amongst the common brutes there are those who are revered to be more than just mindless drones, feared by their enemies and celebrated by even the archdemons, those are the demons of the Korodin Bloodline.
Ever since the first war against the angel in their original home world, hell, the Korodin bloodline have proven to be amongst the demon army's best fighters,warriors, and mages. Their warriors fill the top ranking members of the demon army, capable of taking on an entire battalion by themselves, their magic users are masters of their craft whether it be elemental magic or the dark arts, the Korodin mages are almost unbeatable when they are at their peak. What makes them special in comparison to the other demons is that they have more free reign on what they do, they don't have the huge urge to serve the archdemons, they are free to practice their craft more and able to think more strategically in battle, which makes a huge difference considering that most of the demon charge carelessly when ordered by their archdemon generals. While this would seem troublesome for the archdemons, the Korodins have an undying loyalty to the archdemons that can never be swayed.
During the last days of the fight for hell, the ancestors of the Korodins were at the helm of the demonic forces, seeing the overwhelming numbers of angels, they forged a blade in an attempt to counter the kingdom of heaven's advances. As the battle raged on, the master blacksmiths of the demons began to forge the blade using the toughest materials at the time, they had agreed that the blade was the best they had ever made but Camveur Korodin, leader of the Korodin family and the first weilder of the Korodin blade, asked the mages to enhance the blade to give him extra strength. The blade was then given to the mages, they then write inscription on it in an old demon language which translates to "Power Demands Sacrifice" and performed a ritual which claim to give the wielder power when they most need it.

When the blade was finished, the battle has raged on for days and the demons were fighting a losing battle. Camveur fiercely wielded the blade into battle fighting off hundreds of angels but in the end even he was forced into a corner. As the angels were beating on him and he was on his last sliver of health, the blade had revealed its true potential, Camveur gained back his stamina, he grew almost twice is size, and with all of that power he was able to push the angels back enough for him and the remaining demons. After that battle, the legend that there was a warrior whose strength can compare to those of the archdemons and ever since the warriors of the Korodin bloodline serve as the vanguard of the army. For generations the Korodins serve the demonic crusade valiantly and has lead them to glory.

The Korodin bloodline were set to lead the demons to ultimate victory, but all of that changed when the last of the Korodins fell in battle. It was one of the last battles with the angels that would decide the fate of heaven, both side took great losses but the demons had won the advantage. The angels were pushed back to their capital, Cherlohn Korodin, who was then leading the charge, fought through the massive number of angels and for a moment victory seemed to be in reach but then he took a sword to the back, this kind of reckless behaviour is not unsual for those of the Korodin bloodline but when other Korodins would simply pick himself back up and fought back twice as hard, Cherlohn just fell and never stood again. His efforts were not in vain, he had cut down the number of angels enough for the rest of the army to destroy the angelic forces. While that day was a victory for the demon, they had lost one their greatest warriors and when they try to find the mythic Korodin blade, it was no where to be found, thus ends the legend of the Korodin Bloodline.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: The Korodin Bloodline   Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:39 am

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The Korodin Bloodline

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