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 Journey to the Dark Zone

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Approved#1PostSubject: Journey to the Dark Zone   Fri Jan 27, 2017 3:57 pm

This story concludes the adventures of the clean-blood(animal) vampire Sha'mar and the brave human Evan to the dark zone on the planet Aunus.


Sha'mar hefted his bag onto his back, looking over his shoulder to smirk at his comrade. The thick but clumsy human stumbled over the darkening rock, sweating pouring out of his pores. He wasn't use to the hard labor and the change of the gravitational pull of the Dark Zone. Today they had snuck through the Sacred Temple of Eron, falling through the many barriers that trapped the spirits inside. No one cared if you went inside; keeping what was in inside was the most important priority in the world.

Lately, though, the government had problems with people going insane, claiming that the Daemon Tapa has awoken and wants his followers to come. The strange thing about it all is that only the natives ever speak of Tapa and this worried the officials. All of Tapa's followers, called the Ungodly, are falling into the Dark Zone and the population is decreasing by the hundreds.

Sha'mar was speaking about journeying alone into the deepest zone when a overly curious human approached him and asked enough questions to get every single detail into his brain. The vampire usually avoided the humans, which was almost impossible, but for some reason he favored this one. He figured it was the bravery and he invited the kid along. Now there was not turning back.

Sha'mar gazed up at the floating island. A small hole full of light was almost right above them, the location of their entrance. Trying not to think about how he will never go back to his old life, having to live in this twin of hell, he shifted his eyes back to the ledge they were now walking on.

"Eroshia is a huge come this seems so much...larger?" huffed Evan, face red as a pepper. He was even a little green, but Sha'mar pretended not to notice.

"It's the gravity. The meteor created a stronger pull here, so you have to work harder to move and do everything day things, even blink. And the Dark creates hallucinations that turn real depending on how fearful you are of them." Evan let that sink in, clutching at the wall, as he threw up. The sloshing echoed around the area, bouncing against the boulders. The vampire knew that this would cause demons to cone after them but he just kept his eyes forward, slowing so Evan could catch up.

The human, noticing the calmness of his friend, tried to act casual, pretending that he wasn't struggling. Suddenly a red figure holding a giant sword came running towards, appearing out of nothing. It had no face, making Sha'mar realize that it was a hallucination. He stood still, waiting for it to come up to him, but instead of coming up to him, it raised it's sword at Evan, whose eyes were wide with fear.

Sha'mar hoped that he remembered what he had said earlier. At least he wasn't running or screaming, which would've made it a whole lot worse. Then the demon stood still for a moment, frozen in place. It turned it's head slightly towards Sha'mar, then as quick as lightning it struck Evan across in the jaw. His eyes rolled into the back of his sockets and he was knocked out.

Sha'mar grimaced as his friend crumbled to the floor. The demon immediately disappeared without indication of where it went. The vampire took the opportunity to pick up his friend and carry him on his shoulder. They didn't have enough time to deal with this at the moment. And the vampire could carry things three times his weight so Evan didn't even make him sweat a bit.


They traveled deep into the Dark Zone and fought many dark beings. Although the people who had first came to the planet used dark magic, that never meant that they were bad people. Demons, no matter what kind, were all bad, worse than the Unclean-Blooded vampires who thirst for nothing but human or elven blood. These creatures would even consume your bones and the companions both witnessed this when a group of wandering pigs get devoured by a giant demon. Sha'mar and Evan would never be the same, if they made it out of this hell hole.

Soon they realized that they had traveled much farther than most could accomplish at all. They were feeling strange energy and a pull different than gravity coming from the center and they couldn't prevent themselves from looking away from the white light in the middle. Demons surrounded them, they could feel it, but they felt that the light was more important. Then the light went dark. And then light again, as if the two forces were battling against each other.

"It's...real. Chards, the god of Darkness, and his twin, Hava of Light, are fighting." said Sha'mar.

Evan shook his head solemnly. "After all of these years..."

The men were right in front of the ball of light and darkness. Green and red were floating around it, indicating the Overworld and Underworld, who didn't want to pick sides. And the whole ball wall incased in ice. But something was very wrong about it.

"Why does the ice seem to be...cracking? And what's that strange black that is darker than darkness?" Sha'mar knew what it was but he was too scared to really acknowledge it. He made a gesture across his chest that meant that he prayed the world would be okay above him.

Evan's hands hovered over the ice, mesmerized by it. They are the reason...why we have a green in the coldest places. Why the weather is warm in the tundras."

Sha'mar started to realize what Evan was getting at. He took a step towards his friend, an alarmed expression on his face. Evan was going to try to stop the sibilings bickering himself, by touching the ice. Mortals who touched it, as the prophecy said, would release the gods...but also the Daemon. And the natives were talking about other Daemons that would aide Tapa if the ice was destroyed. The world would become green, which was good, but the lives of everyone above the ground would cease to exist, the battle between good and evil destroying everything in it's path.

"Evan! You do not know the weight of your actions! Stop, now, before you kill us and everyone we love!" He grabbed at his friends shoulder and pulled him back. They fell to the floor, making the demons around them howl in approval. As soon as they stepped out of the light that the ball was emitting they would tear the two friends to pieces.

The two fought, even though the vampire was much stronger, he felt that they were now equals and this was a real challenge. In Sha'mar's head he thought that this is what Tapa's wanted, chaos. And now they probably wouldn't stop fighting, eventually making one fatile mistake and being killed by the demons around them. He already felt madness entering and flowing through his mind and soon he wouldn't care about anything but destroying his opponent. He had to be quick if he wanted them both to live.

Sha'mar grabbed his friend, suddenly, and rushed at the demons, accidentally brushing against the ice. They howled and moved out of the way, in confusion and surprise. Then, when the two were far away, the demons started running after them, shaking the whole crater with their fury. The two climbed up the side of the crater, going faster than anyone could, aided by their adrenaline and determination.

One of the demons, remembering that it could fly, rose into the air and grabbed at Evan's ankle, tugging. Sha'mar grabbed his friend's hand before he could fall and pulled with all his might, but the demon was strong too. Then Evan, attempting to kick the demon in the face, fell from it's grasp, but the wrong way. Be hit his arm against a rock and loud crack was heard. Evan's face turned white and he held back a cry, trying to grab onto anything that he could hold onto. But it was too late. The vampire watched in horror, not able to move from his place high above. He tried to cry out but then it happened.

Evan's hand slipped from the rock ledge. He fell down, pass the demons, and all the way to the ground. A sickening crunch echoed off the rocks and Sha'mar held back a gasp, shaking his head, shocked about how many things could happen in one place...and the death of his friend. He did not know how he would escape but he knew somehow he had to leave, even of that took a years.

He watched the demons go after the dead body of his friends, to devour him, but didn't look when they reached him. He climbed high and fast, going towards the barrier. When he was right in front of it, he turned and looked down. The demons, already finished with their meal, were now coming back for him. The flying creature was in the lead. He tried to tell himself that this was all just a hallucination, but it wasn't. This was the worst place on Aunus and he didn't dare think about how bad Hell actually was, a thousand times worse than this. Vampires were surely going there and he was not going to die now. He stood up and approached the barrier, seeing through the other side to the snow lands, his one and only home. He felt a strange pull. Although he knew that he wouldn't get through, he felt just like trying, like there was a possibility. His hand slowly made it's way towards the nearly invisible wall.

But instead of dying, burning up, getting electrocuted, or just not going through, his hand felt the coldness of Aunus air. He sucked in his breath, looking behind him. The demons were almost upon him. Just as they were about to grab him, he rushed through the wall and immediately heard screams over anger and loud sizzles. He fell to the ground, heaving loudly. The demons, colliding into the barrier, were dying because they couldn't get through. This made the vampire think that what if only mortals could get through when he heard something tinkle beneath him. When he looked down he saw a shard of ice on the floor, colored in green, black, red, and white. It was the shard from the Dark Zone's ice.

Sha'mar held it in his hand and stared at it for a while. Then he placed his palms on his face.


Years later, Sha'mar went into hiding, going to the islands. Everyone knows that he somehow got out but they will never know how. Even the natives are scared of him, saying that he must be a new God, or a demi-god, getting out because of his bloodline. But he never speaks to anyone.

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Journey to the Dark Zone   Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:43 pm

Impressive writing. Approved.
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Journey to the Dark Zone

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