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 Aunus Dae (Meteor Celebration)

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Approved#1PostSubject: Aunus Dae (Meteor Celebration)   Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:42 pm

Aunus Dae, pronounced as Honest Day, celebrates the supposed day the meteor crashed into the planet or Aunus. Before it was an ice planet it was green and luscious. Even though no intelligent life forms were present to this event, natives have made a story about what had happened, and why.

Gianyus - Goddess of the Overworld
Dian - God of the Underworld
Chards - God of the Dark (twin)
Hava - Goddess of the Light (twin)
Tapa - Daemon of Chaos

Gianyus: Let us create the earth.
All Gods: Let us create the earth.
Gianyus: We shall make a barrier between the Beginning and the End.
Dian: Nothing can pass less they want to die again.
Chards: Let us call it Dark.
Hava: Let us call it Light.
Gianyus: Let us make both; or a fire will ignite.
Dian: The Underworld is my domain; how empty it can be.
Gianyus: Just wait until I make the creatures; you'll never been alone, you shall see.
Chards: The night is dark, the dark is dark.
Hava: The light is better, so you can see the wars.
Chards: The dark is better, it scares most of some.
Hava: You do not need to scare; fear is not needed.
Chards: That's what you think until all you light is depleted.
Gianyus: Must we argue?
Dian: We must set an example.
Gianyus: Give our creation something unfathomable.
Dian: Create the waters, give them a sun.
Gianyus: Together, darkness and light shall be one.
Chards: Dark is better!
Hava: Light is more!
[Here the two twins tumble on the floor.]
Gianyus: Ah, how the Earth rumbles.
Dian: How the Earth roars.
Gianyus: And how the Aunus creatures roar from their cores.
[Then two twins collide for the last time, The Under and The Over pull them apart. But then they touch hands as each attempts to fight, Together, all four make one thing, in their spite.]
Gianyus: What has happened?
Dian: We don't know; it is a bright glow.
Hava: It is light!
Chards: It is dark!
Gianyus: It is both, a collection from all our hearts.
Tapa: I am Tapa, the Watcher of All Things, bringing peace to you who seek me.
Chards: We don't know you, how can we seek?
Hava: Go away, and do not speak!
[By now the gods have sensed a strange presence, an evil one, coming from the God, and they start to grow angry beneath their scattered senses.]
Tapa: Listen to me, I can help. Just let me dwell.
Gianyus: Brothers and Sister, we must ban together and fight this Daemon.
Dian: Aye.
Chards: Aye.
Hava: Aye!
[The gods summon all of their power and fight against the evil and only just succeed; the Daemon won the ice but the gods won the life.]
Gianyus: We are starting to become cold.
Dian: Ice crawls on our skin.
Chards: This is worse than dark; it is.
Hava: We will perish!
Gianyus: No just the opposite.
Dian: We will live forever, but just stare admist.
Chards: The demon is gone.
Havas: Yes, the daemon is gone.
[By now the gods are almost full incased in ice.]
Gianyus: Must you still fight? Have you not learned your lesson?
Dian: Now we must do nothing among our creation's presence.
Chards: Unless...a hero comes. They can break us free.
Hava: Using the light or dark-
Dian: Over-, Underworld, you see.
[The two twins nod and feel ashamed. But years later they see that life has changed.]
Gianyus: Outsiders come and they don't know the darkness.
[The Dark Zone is the place where the Daemon died.]
Dian: They shall learn.
Chards, Hava: They shall, they must.
All Gods: And they will perish, among us.
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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Aunus Dae (Meteor Celebration)   Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:42 pm

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Aunus Dae (Meteor Celebration)

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