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 Seobsevian, The Dark Legend

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Approved#1PostSubject: Seobsevian, The Dark Legend   Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:13 pm

Name: Seobsevian
Homeplanet: They have no Home Planet
Sentience: Sentient

There power lies within their ability to absorb and devour other species. They're a species that can eat and absorb other species and take their technology. Thus, adding more and more to their collective. They cannot be killed by simply shooting them. Their head must be destroyed for them to stop coming at you. They have a strong immunity to fire, and will begin to grow in size in reaction to fire. The minions don't have much intelligence but their collective leaders do.They also have biological weapon abilities.They can infect hosts to help spread their power and infection.
They have a strong weakness towards weaponized radiation. Since the minions don't have much intelligence. They only have their instincts to eat and absorb. They don't have ships nor have the means to make them. They can only travel by infecting ships and causing it to drift into other worlds.

They have many forms that they appear in. They all look demonic and as if they're from hell themselves. Each has an appearance based on who they infect or mutate.

Their culture is about the harvest of other species. They use their presence to brain wash their victims. They convince that they need to give themselves to the mutation. The either force mutate their victims or brainwash them to willingly give themselves. Once they have full grip on the world they infect / infest. They grow in numbers that are parallel to a rapidly growing virus. Once the planet is fully infested, they move on to another planet.

The species itself isn't natural. They never fully evolved naturally on a planet. They're a creation that are made by magic. These creatures are made through dark magic by invaded planets. The people are taken one by one and turned into these creatures. They're only loyal to Anu Mau and will seek out any enemies of his. There are times that an Asmodian presence is not needed. They are certain methods that can be used to help spread their creations. Within legend, they're known to be the nightmares of people who know of their existence. These beings have been around for a long time. Their rumors or legends had only surfaced because of the Survivors of worlds they have attacked.

These beings are a swarm-like species. They harvest and eat others to exist. They have no personal technology but they do absorb the target species technology. With each new species that is absorbed into their collective. They move from system to system, eating and devouring. They make the efforts to eat all living life on the planet. They spread their presence on the planet. This will take the entire planet and leave it in a "empty" state. There will be these organic structures that look like they're breathing. These buildings will leave a toxic sludge that flows from these buildings. naturally, there are beings that are more intelligent than others. They can speak and think things through, logically. There are people that call them demons, devils, and or hell itself. They move from system to system, eating and absorbing everything they can touch. The culture is meant to either absorb or mind control the populace.  These infections start by one of two ways. An infected ship crashes upon a home world or another species. This ship, holds many creatures of the species and they pour out to begin infecting the planet. They could also use a fanatic follower to carry a spore to willfully infect the planet or ship.

The second way for them to infect a species is from bodily fluid contact. This can be transferred by sweat, spit, coughing, and or more intimate contact. The virus will have infected the host system and alter their wiring. What is alter are the chemicals within the host and force them to be very intimate or simply just touch someone. The virus will mutate to create certain effects on its host or create "zombie" like beings. Help spread the infection even more.
 To catch the person who is infected is to spot the symptoms. Excess sweating, thin blood, the need to touch people, and always coughing.

The steps of infection start with heat flashes. Within a few days you begin to sweat a lot, you begin to drool a lot, headaches, thin blood, coughing, blood shot eyes, and welts. The finally stage is mutation of limbs and then total organ failure. The final transformation begins at death of the host body.
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Elias Bishop

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Approved#2PostSubject: Re: Seobsevian, The Dark Legend   Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:08 pm

These are definitely not the kind of people to go out with on Saturday night and grab a beer with.

Approved, pending second.
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Approved#3PostSubject: Re: Seobsevian, The Dark Legend   Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:41 pm

Approved, with the side-warning to obviously not infect other Writer's without consent.
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Seobsevian, The Dark Legend

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