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 The Departing What I Only Know

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#1PostSubject: The Departing What I Only Know   Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:50 pm

[Scene: Salaras is on the planet Aunus, where she was born and raised. She is in Eroshia, at the spaceship base to depart the planet. She is waving a two vampires, the crimson haired Marey and the cursed purple eyed Lorainne. Salaras is surrounded by baggages and gifts. While her friends tear up, she keeps a straight face. Other people waiting to board the ship walk around them, guards and cops nearby, and there a stalls selling goods on the sides. Enclosed area with roof.]

" Do you have anything else not important to say to me before I go? I really need to focus on what I'm suppose to do: I don't want to get on a ship to hell." Salaras glared at Marey, the more prettier of the two. She wore a long black gown that trailed behind her, laced in red. It almost matched her hair exactly, the same hue. Lorainne wore a crisp white dress shirt and a black skirt. She worked with the government and always wore something professional. Marey, her opposite, was an entertainer. A dancing one.

Lorainne, arms crossed, rolled her eyes and gave Salaras a look. Her lips were stained red with her recent kill but no one pointed it out. It irked Salaras but she just shrugged her shoulders to herself, looking back frequently at the huge clock that sat above the reception desk. Two bulky demonic officers watched everyone who passed. She looked away before they could catch her eyes.

"Why do you always have to act like a prick?" asked Lorainne, picking at her cuticles. "We've all been together since we were nearly born and you want to catch an attitude the day you're leaving."

Marey wiped her face, making sure the keep her long claw-like nails away from her skin, and then said, "How I shall miss you, dear friend. Thou shall enjoy your time in space without I, to the Gods." Before Salaras could stop her she grabbed her by the neck and pushed her towards her collarbone, caressing her. Vampires were very tall creatures, at least in Aunus.

Salaras pushed away, scowling as heat rushed to her cheeks. She smoothed down her long dark brown hair and looked up, seeing Lorainne give her a loving smirk. Suddenly a loud screeching whistle blew, alerting the passengers of Salaras' ship that they could now enter the bay.

Salaras gathered her bags, carrying them on her shoulders. She was going to start a new life, but she didn't know where. They ship would stop at multiple places and she would get off at the one she found interesting. She was looking to obtain a job in a military, not wanting to live a civilian life or just experiment with dark magic, like her colleagues.

She walked to the gate, looking back at her friends. They waved at her, now with stoney face, showing no emotions. A few guards were busy about telling the loved ones that they had to move away from the dock, for their safety. One skinny human officer pulled at Marey's shoulder, but she didn't move an inch. She just shed one last tear with a smile before turning. Lorainne followed behind.


Inside the ship were beautiful dark green seats, air tight windows, and about a dozen attendants. The ship was three floors, the top for the captain and staff. Salaras went on the second floor and sat close to the window, not looking at anyone walking pass her. She had a tired expression and when she sat down, she placed her bags in an overhead container and collapsed into a seat. The sky was still visible but it was darkening as the ascended. The destination after this one would take a few hours and she brought nothing except a flimsy spellbook.

As she read it, she recited things she knew, but without her ring on, the one that helped her summon the energy within her, nothing would happen. She had carefully wrapped it in leather and kept it in her back pocket. She continued to read her book boredly.
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#2PostSubject: Re: The Departing What I Only Know   Wed Feb 01, 2017 1:33 am

Sapphire had finally turned old enough to be able to join the military and she was more than ready but the problem was that she was on the wrong planet. She did not have much for she was always on the move. She grabbed her backpack, throw it over her solder, and walked on to the loading platform. She weaved throw the people that were saying by to friends and loved ones. Once on board, she took a seat near the window and placed her bag in the over head carrier.

She grabbed the dog tags around her neck as she stared out the window. She remembered her dads last words and his one wish for her. She had to make him proud but now her nerves were getting to her. She wanted to be a pilot but knew that competition would make it hard to get the job, especially since she is human. She shook her head and pulled out her I pod and ear phones. She knew they were old school but she preferred them when it came to music and books. She turned on the music and took one ear bud out remembering that it is important to hear the world around her in case something happened.
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#3PostSubject: Re: The Departing What I Only Know   Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:08 pm

In the corner of the ship, sitting as far away from anyone as possible, was a tall, thin figure. A wide brimmed hat covered most of his face while a long scarf wrapped around his jaw. His long, leather coat was full of holes and scratches, making it look like he'd just come out of a warzone. A gloved hand slides inside the jacket and the man pulled out an old clock on a long chain. He flips it open, mutters something and closes it again. Something feels wrong about this man, something dark, almost demonic but not quite. He raises his head as more people flood into the ship, taking their seats. The glint of something white shines from gaps in the scarf.
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The Departing What I Only Know

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